Snoop Dogg Explains How Kanye Turned To MAGA Because He Doesn’t Have Black Women In His Life; Blames Kardashian Curse (Video)

Kanye West shocked everybody on social media this month when he said that slavery was a choice for 400 years. Different celebs thought he was crazy for this (which he was) and some believed that he just didn’t know how to express his true thoughts.

Snoop Dogg appeared on The View and discussed Ye’s controversial comments. He didn’t hold back in being critical of his comments.

“He needs medical attention, first and foremost,”said Snoop. “Then I felt sorry for him.”

Snoop thinks a lot of factors have played roles into Ye’s beliefs now after realizing that he has been crying out for help. He thinks that Kanye still misses his mother a lot, having a black woman in his life, and someone being consistent with him in telling him what’s right and wrong. This obviously also points a blame at Kim Kardashian

West was also seen posting a MAGA hat multiple times on Twitter. This resulted in West and T.I. doing a song together where they talked politics and T.I. went at Ye for supporting Trump.

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