Swaggy P vs. JR Smith is The Dream NBA Finals Matchup We Have Been Blessed With & Why It’s The Only Matchup Worth Watching; Here is The Tale of The Tape (Videos)

While most people will be talking about LeBron, KD, Steph, Klay, Draymond, and hell even maybe Tristan Thompson-Kardashian, the only Finals matchup that matters is Swaggy P vs. JR Smith.

These kindred spirits have never crossed paths in the Finals, but on the grandest stage we will be witnessing something special

There is going to be a point in this series where they go one on one with dueling off-balance three-point shots, and it will be GLORIOUS.

Here is the tale of the tape.

JR Smith aka JR Swish aka Henny God

13 years in the league and never thought a shot he took was going to miss. Currently shooting 35% from the field in playoffs and 36% from 3. Likely to either go 0-19 or hit a dagger when the Cavs need him the most.

Also has this very famous pic.

Nick Young aka Swaggy P aka Swaggy MVP

Ten years in the NBA and averages exactly one assist per game over that time. Famously dated Iggy Azalea only to have his teammate D’Angelo Russell record him talking about cheating. Well-liked in NBA circles and has fit in well with the Warriors.

Currently shooting 35% from the field in the playoffs and 35% from 3.

Also has one of the more memorable memes of all time.

Could one of these two legends be the SECRET WEAPON for their team’s title run? We will find out starting Thursday, but enjoy it while you can because you might never get anything like it again.

Flip the page for more hilarious videos of JR Smith high and Swaggy P just being Swaggy p, trust me you will be entertained.