Terrance Williams Falls Off His Bike After Crashing Lambo; Tells Cops He Doesn’t Remember Hitting Pole; Photos and Video of Crash

The Dallas Cowboys may be waiting for concrete evidence in regards to the crash involving their receiver Terrance Williams. and what to do with him. This new footage may help.

Per TMZ, Frisco police were called to a crash on May 19 around 4:40 a.m. When they arrived, they saw wrecked 2017 Lambo next to a light pole. They searched the car and saw no driver but up a head was Williams riding an electric bicycle.

Now his lawyer, Chip Lewis, said he bumped his head in the crash which might have caused memory loss. No explanation for all the signs of being drunk as you will see in the video when cops pulled up.

That’s going to be hard fight for his lawyer because Williams memory was on track when he claimed his friend, Kendall Wright, was the “idiot” driver who crashed his Lambo.

But they keys were in William’s pocket.

Then he later said he crashed to avoid a driver in front of him who had slammed on his breaks.

I just want to know, where did he think he was going on that bike?!? Look what I’m talking about on the next page.