Trevor Noah Had a Cameo in Black Panther and Everyone Missed It (Video)

Raise your hand if you knew Trevor Noah appeared in Black Panther. It’s ok, virtually everyone who saw the movie missed him.

Noah appeared in the blockbuster film now in his human form but as a voice over according to Quartz Africa.

It’s not so surprising: Only Noah’s voice is featured in the film, in a brief, action-packed moment. Noah voices Griot, the artificial intelligence system that guides Everett Ross (played by Martin Freeman) as he pilots a Wakandan fighter jet. (A griot usually describes a West African entertainer, storyteller or oral historian.)

Noah has less than 10 lines as a bot with a slightly exaggerated African accent, designed by Black Panther’s tech genius baby sister Shuri (Letitia Wright). His voiceover appears in tense scenes of shooting and flying, which is probably why most people missed it.

Noah’s team confirmed to Vanity Fair that he voiced Griot. For the scene where Noah appears, as a voice in Black Panther, flip the page.