Watch Bill Gates Recall the Times When Donald Trump Seriously Asked Him If There Was Any Difference Between HPV & HIV (Video)

People accuse President Donald Trump of a lot of things. However, Mr. Trump is rarely accused of being an undercover genius. 

In some exclusive footage from an interview with Bill Gates, the verified billionaire spoke on the two times that he has met with President Trump. 

Both times, Bill Gates said the Donald actually asked him if there was any difference between HPV and HIV.

HPV and HIV.

Not even kidding.

Apparently, your President doesn’t know…

Bill also said that Trump knew an uncomfortable amount of personal information about his daughter. Gates said that he tried to avoid speaking to Donald; however, Donald was just too persistent in trying to talk to him.

Flip the page to see the clip of the video of Bill Gates explaining to President Donald Trump that people rarely get HIV and HPV confused, and the complete interview of Bill recalling his Donald Trump encounters as well. 

Lorenzo Washington

Born and raised in Cleveland, OH