Watch Not 1 But 5 Cops Tase, Beat and Assault Bucks Sterling Brown Over Parking in Handicap Spot; Brown Was Calm & Not Threat to The Cops; They Received a Slap on Wrist (Video)

The only difference between this video and the 100s we have seen this year is Brown just happens to be a basketball player.

This happens to black men on a daily basis in this country. Either with a minor violation or none at all they are assaulted by the legalized gang that are the cops.

The Milwaukee Police Department announced it has disciplined the officers who arrested Milwaukee Bucks guard Sterling Brown in January after body cam footage was released Wednesday.

In the disturbing video, Brown is tased by officers after they approached him regarding an alleged parking violation. Brown was never charged with a crime.

“During the encounter, Mr. Brown was decentralized, tased and arrested,” Milwaukee police chief Alfonso Morales said in a statement, according to the Washington Post’s Cindy Boren. “The department conducted an investigation which revealed members acted inappropriately, and those members were recently disciplined.”

Brown released a statement saying he hopes his encounter leads to police reform, but don’t count on it.

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