Watch Pusha T Speak On Why He’s Aiming Shots Directly at Drake in His New Song “Infrared” & Twitter Reactions to His Drake Diss (Video)

Pusha T’s highly anticipated album, DAYTONA, released last night, and Push closed out the project by taking direct shots at Drake for his ghostwriting scandals. 

In his song, Infrared, Pusha ponders the current state of hip-hop:

It was written like Nas but it came from Quentin

At the mercy of a game where the culture’s missing

Specifically, Drake questioned Pusha’s street credibility, as Pusha is undebatably known as the crack-rapper:

But really it’s you with all the drug dealer stories

That’s gotta stop, though
You made a couple chops and now you think you Chapo
If you ask me though, you ain’t lining the trunk with kilos
You bagging weed watching Pacino with all your n*ggas
Like, “This what we need to be on,” but you never went live
You middle-man in this shit, boy, you was never them guys

Pusha T’s response to Drake trying to pull his street card is simply to continue pressing Drizzy on the Quentin Miller saga:

Let’s cram numbers, easily
The only rapper sold more dope than me was Eazy-E

How could you ever right these wrongs
When you don’t even write your songs?

This may not be the rap beef that we all wanted, but this is definitely the rap beef that the rap game needed. If history tells us anything about these two artists, neither of them is ever going to let this feud go or concede an inch on an apology. 

Ironically, Kanye West produced both Infrared and Two Birds, One Stone.

Again, always hate to see the industry’s nonsense pit two young black artists against one another for no reason, but if it must be this way, at least we know that Pusha T and Drake are going to be going at each others’ necks with some straight up heat for the fans.

However, at this very moment, you kind of have to admit that Push had the ether for Drizzy today— at least for this round.

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Lorenzo Washington

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