After Ben Simmons Broke Up With Her For Kendall Jenner, Tinashe Didn’t Delete Their Couple Pics Off IG, She Just Changed The Captions

If you haven’t been following at home here is the backstory.

Ben Simmons broke up with Tinashe for doing Kardashian Sh*t.

Ben Simmons started dating Kendall Jenner who broke up with Blake Griffin after he was traded to Detroit.

Tinashe tried to holla at Donovan Mitchell, but was curved and eventually hung out with Griffin in Vegas.

Kendall Jenner cheated on Ben Simmons by kissing another guy at the club.

Simmons tries to get back Tinashe and while Griffin moves on with a new woman.

Now that you are all caught up, Tinashe decided not to delete Simmons from her IG, just change the captions, but now that he wants her back she changed the captions back to nice things, but Simmons has gotten back with Kendall Jenner.

Here is what she said before she changes them again.