Amber Rose on Being The Happiest When She Was Stripping & Having $1s Hit Her Naked Body Being; Amber Also Wants People Not to Focus on Her Body But Her Mind

They say if you love what you do for a living, you’ll never work a day in your life.  In the words of Amber Rose, her life’s calling was stripping and it was “the best time of her life”.

Amber joined Jesse Lee Peterson on VLAD TV to discuss topics ranging from marriage to raising children.  Throughout the interview, Jesse and Amber go back forth in a contentious fashion which ultimately culminates with her defending her stripping days.  Among the things she misses about stripping: the ones falling on her naked body and the reaction when she took her top off on stage.

Flip the page for the full interview and Amber getting nostalgic over her stripper days at the 6 minute mark and also wanting people to respect her for more than just her body..