Breakdown Of How Much The Warriors Spent On Booze During Championship Parade

The Warriors went all out for the celebration of their NBA Finals win in the Bay Area yesterday. Draymond Green was seen wearing a shirt with the Arthur hand that had three rings on his with the caption “Mood…” that was trolling LeBron James and Jordan Bell drank so much Henny that someone in the crowed poured him up some more.

It’s crazy that anyone on Golden State was able to run out of liquor because according to TMZ Sports, the team had spent $500k on alcohol for the parade. Among the drinks were Luc Belaire Rare Gold, Luxe and Rosé. They even had six and 15-liter bottles as well.

The Warriors have every reason to pop bottles as they’ve now won three out of the last four titles and still have four all-stars on their team.