Details On Nick Foles Being Only Eagles Player Who Wanted To Meet Trump

The truth is that the Philadelphia Eagles all know Donald Trump is a bigot and want no parts of him. This is evident when they decided that they didn’t want to visit the White House yesterday. Trump said he revoked their invite but in reality, they were never gonna go in the first place.

According to Mike Garafolo of the NFL Network, QB Nick Foles was the only Eagle who planned to attend the White House visit. Trump said that he wanted to take the invite away because the team didn’t stand for the national anthem but what he didn’t fact check (as usual) was that no player kneeled in the regular season. They simply addressed police brutality and racism and raised their fists in the air.

Former Eagles WR Torrey Smith blasted Trump for saying that he’s spreading the false narrative that players are anti-military. Smith also knew that not many Eagles were going to come visit Trump.

Trump will continue to switch the narrative of players actually kneeling to protest against racism and police brutality to disrespecting the military because that’s what his MAGA fan base does to try to spread their racism.

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    • Fake news! He said he would do whatever the team wanted to do 🤦🏾‍♀️ and clearly ain’t none of them tryin to meet that man lol this article is a bunch of BS LOL

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