Jordan Bell Ran Out of Henny So He Got Some More From Fans, Swaggy Goes Shirtless With a Robe, LeBron Gets Trolled & More Highlights from Warriors Parade (Pics-Vid)

California knows how to party.

Hennessy and champagne. Partying and celebrating. Trolling and trash talking.

The Cali way for the Golden State Warriors at their championship parade today. Even though this is the third time Warriors played Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals and second time they won, the shots taken at the Cavs were on another level this time around. LeBron memes, trolling LeBron on t-shirts and statements the players made about their opponent.

The team, however, had a blast with their fans. Warrior fans even shared a bottle of Hennessy with Jordan Bell and Nick Young shared some of his Swag jumping in the crowd with fans.

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