Kobe on Being Offered a Spot on Warriors

Joke or not, Kobe should have taken the deal and he would have 7 rings right now.

Here is how Kobe said it all went down.

But Bryant revealed during the The HoopsHype Podcast with Alex Kennedy that Golden State Warriors general manager Bob Myers jokingly offered him a roster spot for the following season during the All-Star Game in 2016:

“I’ve known Bob Myers, the general manager of the Warriors, forever. Like, I remember the day he was going to go take his bar exam! We used to hang out together all the time. At my last All-Star Game, we had a chance to catch up. We were staying in the same hotel and I had a chance to tell him congratulations on everything. Then, he said, ‘Hey listen, if there’s any chance you want to change your mind and come back and play another year, you can always come over here [to Golden State].’

Could you imagine Kobe on the Dubs? That would have been something.