Matt Barnes on Tekashi69’s Death Wish and Young Rappers Being Fake Gangstas (Video)

Former NBA forward Matt Barnes is warning young rappers to be careful who they get into beefs with. The death of troubled young rapper XXXTentacion has caused many celebrities to pay their condolences and also reflect on the gang violence that these young rappers appear to be involved with.

Barnes himself also came up rough and knows that dealing with gang members and provoking them for social media attention can lead to trouble that most of these young rappers aren’t prepared for. Barnes explains that XXXTentacion death should be a warning to all young rappers but more specifically Tekashi69 who has been all over social media beefing with different rappers and alleged gang members.

Barnes mentions via TMZ;

Then comes the warning to Tekashi — who Barnes says is “running in every hood, talking sh*t to everybody.”

“Bro must have a death wish, man, cause these motherf**kers are not playing. They eat for a living. They eat motherf**kers like this for a living.”

“You gonna end up running into somebody REAL that’s gonna turn your lights out man. All for what? All for popularity or for some likes?”

Hopefully Barnes message can resonate with Tekashi69 and other young rappers who don;t realize that trolling gang members can turn into a life altering situation. Take a look at video of Barnes comments towards Tekashi69 and young rappers.

Emilio Azukwu

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