Milton Bradley Convicted For Charges of Domestic Violence Again

For the second time in his life, former MLB OF Milton Bradley was convicted of domestic violence charges.

Luckily for Bradley, he had the charges reduced in exchange for a plea deal. 

According to TMZ Sports, Bradley was looking at up to a year in prison for spousal battery. 

Back in January, Police responded to Bradley’s L.A. home, and Bradley’s wife told the Police that Bradley roughed her up, and fled by the time the Police arrived. 

Today, Bradley agreed with prosecutors to plead no contest to domestic battery for 36 months of probation. 

In addition, Bradley will be required to complete another 52 weeks of domestic violence counseling and Bradley will also have to pay a bunch of court fees and fines along that 52-week road. 

The former All-Star literally just did 15 months in prison a little over a year ago for beating up his ex-wife. 

Barely one year later, and Bradley is already beating up on his new wife.

It was obvious that there was something off with Bradley when he was still playing in the MLB.

Clearly, this guy still needs help.

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Lorenzo Washington

Born and raised in Cleveland, OH