Photos Of Larry Nance Jr. Getting Married In Yeezys And Lululemon Pants

The Cavs’ Larry Nance Jr has been with his fiance’ Hailey Pince for four years and on Tuesday, finally decided to tie the knot. This wasn’t some huge wedding but simply signing documents at a courthouse, per TMZ Sports.

Nance made the signing quick as he got married in Yeezys and Lululemon pants. Pince was in a red and white striped dress.

“We needed to get the legal marriage done before our destination wedding and today just seemed like the best day to do it!” said Pince. “Happy Four Years! Can’t wait for our real wedding.”

Doing a simple wedding at a courthouse almost always comes with an extravagant vacation shortly after. It’ll be interesting to see what Nance and Pince choose.

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