Stephen A. Smith Sort of Apologizes For Telling Snoop Dogg He’s an Ass Man & Bottom Feeder (Video)

I am not exactly sure why he is apologizing, because he was asked if he likes ass or boobs and he answered the question. It doesn’t matter if it was 8 months ago (which he points out) or 8 days ago, not sure what ESPN wanted him to say.

I understand we are in sensitive times, but he didn’t call out a colleague he just told a preference. Stephen A. didn’t want to apologize but went on his radio show to say he was sorry if he offended anyone and put his employer in bad spot.

The ESPN talking head said, “I guess it’s appropriate to apologize,” after he stated his female body-part preference in an interview with Snoop Dogg that was posted Tuesday

“The reason why I [apologize] is because the attention it’s brought to my employers obviously for the wrong reasons,” Smith said on his radio show. “And I have to own that. I don’t want to come across as sounding nonchalant or anything, I’m just being honest.

“I’ve always answered the question the same way. And I’ve answered the question the same way since I’ve been in this business, over 25 years. … Anytime I’ve been asked that specific question, I’ve literally given the same answer.”

Flip the page for video of Stephen A. saying he likes big butts and he can not lie.