Story On How City Girls Rapper J.T. Got Arrested For Scamming Right Before She Signed Her Record Deal (Photos)

The City Girls have been making noise out of the south with the singles ‘F*** That N****” and ‘Where The Bag At.’ They’re also signed to the record label Quality Control Music, home to artists such as Migos, Cardi B, Lil Baby, and Lil Yachty.

J.T, 1/2 of City Girls, detailed the story on Twitter of how she was indicted for identity theft shortly before signing with QC. This was when F*** That N**** dropped. She said that the feds were after her and thought that she would never end up coming home. She was able to get out of jail due to her family selling their house.

J.T. went on to say that she didn’t want to scam anymore simply because she was scared of being in jail again. She was also nervous about how she was gonna get her next paycheck and didn’t want to beg anyone for money. Despite the F*** That N**** single blowing up, she didn’t want to go to the studio anymore because of the situation constantly being on her mind.

Things started to look up for J.T. last September when she went to church and the pastor said that she would see something amazing happen in four months. She thought that her case would be thrown out but it was actually her striking a deal with QC.

Coach K, CEO of QC, knew about J.T.’s case but told her not to worry about it and still gave her a deal. He even gave her money for her lawyer fees.

J.T. copped a plea in January and said that recording and doing shows with her fellow City Girls member Yung Miami helped take her mind off of the case. It’s still ongoing but the music is keeping her head up along with the huge buzz that City Girls are making in the south.

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