Twitter Flames Mike Huckabee for His Extremely Racist Post About Mexicans On the Same Exact Day Huckabee Condemned Hate & Bigots

Literally moments ago (like literal moments), BSO reported on a restaurant refusing to serve Sarah Huckabee Sanders because they don’t serve #MAGA, or bigots, or racists. 

Sarah’s Daddy didn’t think that was as funny as the we did though:

After Mike got that off his chest, his racism-senses started tingling like Spiderman:

Honestly, I don’t even see where the joke is even at in here…

Mike Huckabee hasn’t deleted this Tweet yet either. He really wears his racism on his sleeve like a true #MAGA patriot. 

Flip the pages to see Mike Huckabee getting absolutely roasted on Twitter. 

Lorenzo Washington

Born and raised in Cleveland, OH