Why The Oscar Academy Denied Kobe’s Entry

Kobe Bryant won the Award for Best Animated Short for his Dear Basketball,  it was based off a retirement letter he published on The Players Tribune three years ago.

Recently according to TMZ Sports Kobe was denied membership, saying he doesn’t have the body of work. But, his Dear Basketball won the Oscar Award. By the way Kobe is executive producer and writer of the film, so it’s beyond puzzling that he’s denied by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Whomever is on the board should be dismissed as they made a vital mistake on this. Not to mention his new show Detail, where Kobe breaks down players games and even gives them structural advice on attacking the defense and making the game easier. That can be watched on ESPN+.

Don’t forget about the Muse, although it was produced for TV, it’s still an excellent body of work, so we’re perplexed at why Kobe is being shown the door.