Will Christian Hackenberg Ever Play Again After Gruden Cuts Him Before Minicamp Started

Jon Gruden was an ESPN analyst and had his Gruden QB Camp where he would interact and workout with quarterback in the upcoming draft class. Former Penn State quarterback Christian Hackenberg was one of his favorites. So when Gruden left broadcasting to become a coach again, he had to get Hackenberg on his new team, the Oakland Raiders.

The Raiders had to trade for Hackenberg giving the Jets a conditional seventh round pick in 2019. Only a month after this trade, the Raiders cut Hackenberg and will get their pick back according to the NFL. The three quarterbacks left happen to all be former participants from Gruden’s QB Camp: Derek Carr, Connor Cook and EJ Manuel.

Maybe the Jets will take him back for the low but what ever Gruden saw back then from Hackenberg is obviously not there anymore. Hopefully, for the young man, another team will see potential and sign him.