Cops Release Statement Implying LeSean McCoy Might Have Sent Goons to Attack Ex-GF Delicia Cordon or She Staged Attack (Photos)

We now have a statement from the cops and frankly, it doesn’t look good for LeSean McCoy, but they have not said specifically if he was involved in the planning of the crime. The only other theory is that Ms. Cordon planned this herself to frame McCoy. The truth will hopefully come out soon.

The key part of the cops statement is that the intruders only asked for specific items from Ms. Cordon. If it was a random robbery they wouldn’t have known what was in the house until they got there.

McCoy had sent people to the home before to try to take Ms. Cordon’s possession while she wasn’t there. McCoy has denied any involvement in this, but Ms. Cordon’s friends say he sent the goons.

Flip the page for the police’s statement and the friend speaking on goons.