Rihanna Explains Why She Was Yelling at Her Billionaire Ex-Boyfriend; The Answer Might Surprise You (Photos)

The world never gets a close enough glimpse into the mysterious life of Rihanna, other than a few lusty photos with her boy toy of the season. The latest was a serious of photos that showed Rihanna giving her billionaire ex-boyfriend Hassan Jameel the business for either interrupting her smoke break or according to the Twitter memes, asking her dumb questions.

But it seems that Rihanna explains the confusion away with an Instagram posts insinuating that she’s gonna yell at anyone who thinks they know more about soccer than her. Is that really what happened Rih Rih? The two have allegedly split since the photos were taking because Rihanna says she was bored, but her nonchalant response may mean there isn’t bad blood between them.

Hit the flip to see her post and some of Twitters finest memes of her heated argument