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Mayweather, Pacquiao Top List Of Forbes Highest Paid Athletes

Floyd Mayweather topped Manny Pacquiao once again, this time, landing as the overwhelming leader on the 2015 Forbes list of highest paid athletes. Manny Pacquiao came in at second, after making over $100 million in his May bout against Floyd Mayweather, who made close to $200 million for the bout. .@Forbes 2015 list of top-earning athletes: 1) Mayweather More...

by Glenn Erby | Published 3 months ago

By Glenn Erby On Saturday, June 6th, 2015

Tiger Woods Shoots a Career Worst 85 at Memorial

Poor Tiger. It is like watching Willie Mayes in the outfield with the Mets now. He should just go home and call up a porn star, there is no need to play on Sunday.  More...

By Robert Littal On Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015

Country Club Says Caitlyn Jenner Can’t Eat With the Men Anymore

First off, I am not surprised there are still segregated Golf Clubs. I wonder how many minority golfers are members of this club? I am little surprised they came out so strongly in the fact they are not going More...

By Robert Littal On Monday, June 1st, 2015

Turkish Model Speaks On if She Had Sex With Tiger Woods (Photos)

Tiger Woods looked happy when he took the photo above, so people assumed he had sex with one or both of the ladies since he is free from Lindsey Vonn. One of the women was IDed as Turkish bikini model Tugba Ercan. More...

By Tamantha Gunn On Sunday, May 31st, 2015

Golfers Hilariously “Brawl” at Country Club (Video)

This is the funniest video I’ve seen all day. Two golfers got into a somewhat physical altercation on a golf course and it turned out to be the funniest fight ever. Meanwhile…at da country club — More...

By Zack Williford On Wednesday, May 20th, 2015

2 Drunk PGA Fans Steal Golf Cart & Drive to Bar

Total Frat Move brings you a hilarious story involving PGA Golf, drunk-driving, and golf carts. First off, if you’ve ever been to an actual PGA event, you know this series of events is entirely possible, More...

By Glenn Erby On Tuesday, May 19th, 2015

Tiger Woods’ NSFW Language Draws FCC Complaints

So Tiger Woods’ f-bombs during live golf broadcast really don’t go unnoticed. According to, Woods penchant for dropping f-bombs and NFSW language after a bad drive, has prompted a few FCC More...

By Robert Littal On Saturday, May 16th, 2015
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Tiger Woods Handling His Breakup Quite Well (Photos)

Lindsey Vonn breaking up with Tiger for cheating (it was just one time, she tripping) might be the best thing that ever happened to him. Tiger was having a good time in Vegas at his charity event. Back at it! — More...

By Erika Fernandez On Tuesday, May 12th, 2015

John Daly’s Mistress Wants Ex-Wife’s Lawsuit Against Her Dismissed

The law behind this lawsuit will make you question this law as well as the state very thoroughly. Ridiculous state laws are funny to read but this gave John Daly’s ex wife, Sherrie Allison Miller, fuel to More...

By Daniel Seahorn On Tuesday, May 12th, 2015

Tiger Woods Writes Letter of Encouragement to Kid Who Stutters

A lot of things have been said and will be said about Tiger Woods and the kind of person he is away from the golf course. While a lot of those things recently have been negative, Tiger recently did something for More...

By Robert Littal On Tuesday, May 12th, 2015
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Lindsey Vonn Broke Up With Tiger Because He Cheated One Time

Good for Tiger. He plays better when he is cheating, here are the details. Daily Mail Online can now exclusively reveal that during one of those ‘times apart’ Tiger cheated on Lindsey – with a More...

By Glenn Erby On Friday, May 8th, 2015

Sheen on Tiger: Ex-Wife Golf Club Attack Messed up His Vision (Video)

Charlie Sheen is not a doctor — but the opinionated actor believes he knows why Tiger Woods hasn’t returned to prominence on the green. Sheen was takin’ in a movie at The Grove Wednesday night  More...

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