Robert Littal Presents BlackSportsOnline The Best in Sports & Sports Entertainment Thu, 26 Mar 2015 22:36:50 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Report: Aaron Hernandez’s Fiancee To Testify Friday Thu, 26 Mar 2015 22:36:50 +0000 Shayanna Jenkins 2

The fiancee of former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez is expected to testify in his murder trial Friday, according to the Associated Press reports.

Hernandez and Shayanna Jenkins, have been in a relationship since high school and have a 2-year-old daughter together. She waas granted immunity by the court in February, and could have faced jail time had she not complied.

Jenkins would normally sit behind Hernandez when she would appear in court, but reports say she hasn’t witnessed the trial in person since March 6. She has pleaded not guilty to perjury. Prosecutors say she lied to a grand jury in the investigation of the killing of Odin Lloyd, who was dating her younger sister, Shaneah.

Shaneah Jenkins has testified for prosecutors, saying that her sister asked to borrow her car to go get money for house cleaners the day after the killing. Shaneah also testified she saw her sister carry a garbage bag to the basement.

The sisters introduced Hernandez and Lloyd to each other in August 2012.

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John Fox: Jay Cutler Will Face Open Competition For QB Job Thu, 26 Mar 2015 22:00:51 +0000 jay-cutler-85-bears

When the Chicago Bears met with Jay Cutler early this month — Ian Rapoport reported that they left the room convinced they had to pick up the quarterback’s $10 million option for 2016.

That doesn’t mean John Fox is going to start Cutler just because he has to pay him. Fox made it clear Wednesday that the Bears will have an “open competition” at quarterback.

“Obviously you’ve got to start somewhere,” Fox said, via CSN Chicago, “and my experience in football, really in anything, it’s not where you start a competition; it’s where you finish it.”

Fox believes Cutler lost some confidence after being benched.

“I think maybe he got to the point where he lacked confidence a year ago,” Fox added Wednesday. “To build that back up, it’s going to take time, daily. It takes trust, like any relationship.”

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Alonzo Mourning Says ‘Who Wants To Sex Mutombo?’ Story Is True (Video) Thu, 26 Mar 2015 21:45:14 +0000 mutombo-mourning-pickup-line

Alonzo Mourning just confirmed that Dikembe Mutombo was as smooth as they come when it relates to the ladies. For years Mutombo has denied an urban legend that his legendary pickup line was, “who wants to sex Mutombo?”

Well Alonzo Mourning is calling foul on the play — saying Mutombo did in fact use the line — with success.

h.t SB Nation

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Wrestling Coach Arrested For Bragging About Sex With Student on School Bus Thu, 26 Mar 2015 21:43:06 +0000 Megan Blair Baker

Another day, another teacher arrested for sex with a student student.

A teacher and wrestling coach has been charged after allegedly having sex with a high school wrestler.

Megan Blair Baker, 25, has been accused of sexual contact with a 17-year-old Sherwood Cass High School student amid reports that she had sex with him on a school bus in January.

According to members of the school community who spoke to the local TV station, the teenage boy ‘had been bragging’ about what happened with the teacher.

She has been freed on $7,500 bond and faces up to 4 years in jail.

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V. Stiviano Allegedly Got $3.6 Million For Being Sterling’s Mistress Thu, 26 Mar 2015 21:34:23 +0000 v stiviano Donald Sterling

Pretty good gig if you can get it.

Unfortunately for Stiviano, Donald Sterling’s wife Shelly wants it all back. She is claiming in a lawsuit that Stiviano took advantage of the fact her husband is suffering from the early stages of Alzheimer disease.

Before V. Stiviano’s recordings toppled Donald Sterling from ownership of the Los Angeles Clippers, she boasted she would be the next Mrs. Sterling.

She would pick up envelopes of cash in an alley behind the family’s real estate company and told employees at the firm she would one day be their boss.

Those predictions seemed like a fantasy on Wednesday as Sterling’s wife went after the $3.6 million that she said the younger woman swindled from community property the couple amassed over 60 years of marriage.

Donald Sterling, 80, who has been diagnosed with symptoms of Alzheimer’s, was at times forgetful and testy. He said Stiviano hadn’t contributed ’50 cents’ to the $1.8 million duplex now in her name.

Sterling, a lawyer and shrewd businessman who made a fortune buying apartment buildings across Los Angeles, never explained why he purchased the house, though he made it clear he paid every penny because he said Stiviano was poor and her family was on welfare.

He said the house was supposed to be in the name of his family trust. Noting that Stiviano is part black and Hispanic, he said she illegally got her name inserted into escrow documents by befriending a Hispanic bank employee who added her name to a $1 million check.

Sterling said he only intended to loan a Ferrari and a Bentley to Stiviano, but he put them under her name so he wouldn’t be liable if she killed somebody, adding that she was once charged with drunken driving.

This appears to me to be part fraud, part rich man being enamoured with his young mistress. We will have to see how the courts rule.

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Killer Seals Are On The Loose & Taking Revenge on Sharks (Photos) Thu, 26 Mar 2015 21:16:34 +0000 Killer Seals 3

What is the blue hell?

Normally, it the sharks are the ones taking out the seals, but the tide (not pun intended) has turned.

Scientists have reported multiple cases of cape fur seals attacking blue sharks off the coast of South Africa.

The seals, which are normally prey for great white sharks, have been seen attacking and killing medium sized blue sharks, devouring their guts before leaving the rest of the carcass.

The behaviour has left marine biologists baffled as to why the seals, which normally hunt smaller fish, have turned to attacking the torpedo-shaped sharks.

The blue sharks are around the same size as the seals and it is thought to be the first time a seal has been seen preying on such a large predator.

Scientist are baffled, since Seals normally just eat fish. My non scientific reasoning is they were just fed up of being eaten by sharks and decided to take a stand.

Killer Seals

]]> 0 Amber Rose Goes Au Naturel on the Beach #ForTheBros (Photos) Thu, 26 Mar 2015 21:08:40 +0000
Amber Rose Beach Top 8

Here is some non photoshop photos of Amber Rose at the beach.

Still looks good to me, I am not sure why she photoshops her pics.

Amber Rose Beach Top 11


]]> 0 Alligator vs. Giant Turtle on Golf Course (Photos) Thu, 26 Mar 2015 20:57:30 +0000 Alligator Turtle 2

You use to be able to golf without watching a turtle murder happen, but that is exactly what went down at Myakka Pines Golf Club in Englewood, Florida.

Obviously, the turtle has the speed of Peyton Manning and couldn’t get away.

Alligator Turtle


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49ers Cut Jonathan Martin Thu, 26 Mar 2015 20:49:37 +0000 Jonathan Martin

To be clear, over the top bullying isn’t cool.

Second thing to be clear about is Jonathan Martin isn’t that good of an offensive lineman, that is why he was cut today.

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Under Armour Debuting Comic Book Cleats (Photos) Thu, 26 Mar 2015 20:47:18 +0000 spider-man-under-armour

Please Under Armour come out with a regular basketball version of these, I’d buy them all, take my money. Next Impulse Sports alerts us to the UA collaboration with DC and Marvel on these lovely cleats.




Read more at the Sole Collector.

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Woman Allegedly Pulls a “Gone Girl” & Fakes Her Own Kidnapping Thu, 26 Mar 2015 20:38:55 +0000 Denise Huskins

People have to understand you can’t do everything you see in the movies.

Denise Huskins, a 29-year-old physical therapist, was allegedly kidnapped from her boyfriend’s Vallejo, California home in the early hours of Monday and a ransom demand of $8,500 made.

Quinn’s 29-year-old girlfriend turned up at her father’s home in Huntington Beach, California on Wednesday morning, 400 miles from the alleged abduction site.

Vallejo police Lt. Kenny Park angrily described the apparent hoax as a ‘wild goose chase’ which had wasted police time and been a huge drain on resources.

The bizarre chain of events, which have been likened to the plot of the movie, Gone Girl, began on Monday when 30-year-old Quinn, told police Huskins was taken forcefully from his Mare Island home around 2am.

He called police around 2pm to report she had been abducted.

On Tuesday a voice recording was released to the media, believed to be from Miss Huskins.

‘My name is Denise Huskins. I am kidnapped, otherwise I’m fine.’ the voice said.

Wednesday began with what seemed to be a happy ending: Huskins showed up unharmed outside her father’s apartment, 400 miles from where she was allegedly kidnapped.

Mike Huskins said his daughter called him to say she had been dropped off at her mother’s Huntington Beach house.

It was such an incredible story, we initially had a hard time believing it,’ Park said. ‘Upon further investigation, we couldn’t substantiate any of the things he was saying.

‘Given the facts that have been presented thus far, this event appears to be an orchestrated event and not a kidnapping.’

There is even more to the story, but it certainly seems suspect.  She has cut off all communication with FBI and local police.

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A Story About UNC Jordan Hitting Head on Backboard Blocking Shot (Video) Thu, 26 Mar 2015 20:08:27 +0000 jordan-block-hits-head-backboard

The legend of Michael Jordan started on Tobacco Road, but it the stories vary depending on who you speak with.

Some refer back to his shot against Georgetown in the NCAA Championship his freshman year — others think back to , his block against Ralph Sampson earlier in his sophomore season.

Jay Bilas and the guys from Duke point back to that moment during the final regular season game of the 1982-83 season, North Carolina played Duke in Cameron Indoor Stadium.

Jordan, flying through the lane and getting up so high that he hit his head on the backboard — blocked a Johnny Dawkins layup attempt in transiton.

“That happened every once in awhile where somebody would do something in a game where you’d go, ‘Shoot, I’ve never seen that before. I can’t do that.’” Former Duke player and current ESPN analyst Jay Bilas told UPROXX Sports. “When Len Bias or Ralph Sampson or Jordan would do stuff that you’d say just wait a minute, I don’t have that in my bag. All men are created equal? Total bullsh*t. That’s a lie.”


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Ex-Cardinals OF Assaulted & Told to “Go Back to Ferguson, N*gger” Thu, 26 Mar 2015 19:48:08 +0000 Curt Ford

Curt Ford played for the Cardinals and Phillies from 1985-1990, he makes his home in Missouri. It was just a normal day and Ford was getting gas like millions of other Americans. This day was different though.

Ford, 54, was at a gas station in Fenton, Mo., a suburb south of St. Louis, when he and another man approached the same gas pump, according to the Dispatch. Ford backed up and used a different pump. The other man, identified by police as James Street, 37, drove past the pump and parked in front of the store.

Street got out of his car and began yelling racial slurs at Ford, but Ford did not confront him. “Go back to Ferguson you Nigger,” Street said, referring to the nearby city that was the site of racial tensions this summer, a police source told the Dispatch.

Street entered the store and exited as Ford was walking in to pay for his gas. Street “approached Ford, and unprovoked, punched him in the face, and drove away, according to police,” the Dispatch reported.

Is this part where people tell Black America to “move on” because racism doesn’t exist or we are making too much of things?

What I hope people would start to understand is the burden of being an African-American in society. You can’t even get gas without worrying about something happening to you. It is a heavy burden to have.

Street was arrested charged with assault motivated by discrimination in the third degree. Honestly, he should be charged with a lot more.

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Aquatic Tug of War Is The Hot New Sport (Video) Thu, 26 Mar 2015 19:27:37 +0000 aquatic-tug-of-war

Tug of war was amazing growing up, but I’m sure about the whole rowboat approach.

There is a new sport on the scene that mixes the head to head competition of tug-of-war with the style and grace of rowing.

Two teams of six rowers square off in a pool and try to push the boat forward while the other team rows in the opposite direction. It’s a furious battle for rowing supremacy that the video’s uploader has titled “Tug of Oar.”

The real question is how has it taken this long for someone to come up with this sport? And where can we sign up for season tickets?


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Guy Has Epic Fail Trying To Pull Off “Blake Griffin” (Video) Thu, 26 Mar 2015 18:51:43 +0000 How to do not dunk over a car

Lloyd Hickinson wasn’t able to quite pull off the Blake Griffin.

At least he was able to pull it off in his second attempt.

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Mel Kiper: Todd Gurley Would Be Great Fit with Cowboys Thu, 26 Mar 2015 18:42:07 +0000 gurley-cowboys

It’s an obvious fit, but if enough people continue to talk about it — maybe it will happen. The Dallas Cowboys have a need at the running back position.

Todd Gurley simply needs one team to believe in his surgically repaired knee. ESPN NFL Draft guru — Mel Kiper believes the former Georgia All American would be a great fit in Dallas.

“Dallas is going to have one of the best run-blocking lines in the NFL next season, if not the best,” Kiper wrote. “The Cowboys don’t need a dancer, they need a player who will get downhill fast and turn a crease into a big run because he’s so hard to get to the ground when he hits the second level. Gurley can do that. Dallas added Darren McFadden, but they won’t be done at this position.”

The Cowboys badly need help on the defensive side of the ball, and a lot of mock drafts have them selecting a defender. Dallas has shown some restraint in reason years with personnel decisions, but Todd Gurley would be the best available player at pick 27 and the smartest.

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Dayton HC Archie Miller Gets Extension Thu, 26 Mar 2015 18:28:10 +0000 Dayton HC Archie Miller gets extension through 2022

Dayton is a mid-major program on the rise. The school is coming off their second straight appearance in the NCAA Tournament.

Archie Miller has spent the past four seasons at Dayton. He’s accumulated an impressive record of 90-47.

For his efforts, Dayton has rewarded Miller with a huge contract extension.

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3rd Grader Makes No-Look, Backward 3-Pointer at the Buzzer (Video) Thu, 26 Mar 2015 18:22:29 +0000 Tyrik Petway Buzzer Beater

This play reminds me of my elementary school hooping days…..well maybe I’m exaggerating just a bit!

At the AAA County Championship Game in Maryland between the Allentown Arrows and the Bowie Bulldogs, third-grader Tyrik Petway made a backward, no-look three-pointer at the buzzer.

Petway threw the shot up like clockwork; maybe he does this trick shot during practice every day.

Tyrik is currently ranked as the Number 2 prospect in the nation for the class of 2024…..damn I’m really getting old. Check out the video below.

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Devon Still Throwing Anti-Cancer Bash For Leah’s Remission (Video) Thu, 26 Mar 2015 18:21:53 +0000 devon-still-leah-still-bash

Bengals defensive lineman Devon Still and his brave daughter Leah will be throwing a huge bash to celebrate — now that her cancer has gone into remission.

The two were on FOX 29’s “Good Day Philadelphia” on Thursday where Devon talked about how he broke the good news to Leah.

He explained, “For the past 296 days, I’ve been daydreaming about what that feeling would be like, and then finally, I just looked at my daughter and started crying. She knew why I was crying and she asked me ,‘Did I beat up cancer?’ And I told her ‘Yes’ and we just kept hugging and kissing.”

Leah, who still has one more round of chemo to go through, talked about wanting to get a pony and about her upcoming party to celebrate her good health .

FOX 29 News Philadelphia | WTXF-TV

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Metta World Peace Says He Is a Changed Man (Photos) Thu, 26 Mar 2015 18:02:36 +0000 metta-world-peace

During his introductory news conference in Italy, Metta World Peace says he is a changed man.
World Peace, who signed for Pallacanestro Cantu in a move the Italian team called “the coup of the century,” addressed his controversies of the past.

“I had an up and down career,”

the 35-year-old World Peace said Thursday. “I grew up playing basketball on the streets of New York City and it was very, very rough and I started playing in the NBA in the same way.

“Now the mentality is different from when I was younger. I always had the street mentality, but when you’re older you get more mature.”

World Peace, who said he will retire when he turns 40, said his new attitude has improved his performance on the court.

“When you play angry you can’t focus,” he said. “I’ve got five more years to have a great time, so I will be playing with a lot of fire but not anger, just passion.”
World Peace averaged 19 points and six rebounds in 15 games for Sichuan.

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