Robert Littal Presents BlackSportsOnline The Best in Sports & Sports Entertainment Tue, 04 Aug 2015 08:25:05 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Drake Throws Up Trigger Fingers to Chief Keef’s “Faneto” (Video) Tue, 04 Aug 2015 08:20:27 +0000 Drake turns up to Keef's Faneto

When Drake released his “Back to Back” diss to Meek Mill, the Internet instantly exploded.

The track had multiple memorable lines, but the most popular one may be this one, “Trigger fingers turn to Twitter fingers, yeah, you gettin’ bodied by a singin’ n****”.

Now, Drake is throwing up trigger fingers while vibing to some Chief Keef.

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Vegas Sports Book Already Taking Bets on Rousey-Cyborg Fight? Tue, 04 Aug 2015 06:37:49 +0000 rousey-cyborg-UFC

Ronda Rousey vs Cris Cyborg is getting as much traction as Mayweather-Pacquiao but 10 lbs is stopping the fight from happening. That doesn’t mean that sports books in Vegas aren’t already drooling over the possibility of the two fighting. There’s no one willing to take bets on the fight yet but one sports book is setting the line for the fight already.

The Golden Nugget sports book director, Tony Miller, told Adam Hill of the Las Vegas Review Journal that he’s comfortable being the first to post odds on Rousey-Cyborg.

“The reason I’m putting it up is because Rousey is one of the hottest topics in sports right now, especially after that fight on Saturday,” Miller said. “I think it’s going to be probably the biggest fight in UFC history and I want to get a jump on it.”

Miller went onto discuss why he felt the need to set odds for hypothetical fight:

“I know it’s a hypothetical, but i think it’s such a huge fight,” Miller said. “I’m not sure if the general public knows much about Cyborg, but we’ll hear a lot about it the next couple of months and as people learn more about how good she is and how tough she is, it’s only going to get bigger.”

The Golden Nugget is starting Ronda out as a minus-300 favorite, while Cyborg will open up as a plus-250 underdog.

The only thing left is for Dana White to make this fight happen. It seems like the two are on a crash course for UFC 200 next summer.

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Jake Shields Says Eye Pokes Are Reason He Lost Title Fight Tue, 04 Aug 2015 06:14:11 +0000 Jake Shields WSOF 22 Eye

Jake Shields lost his WSOF 22 title fight to Rousimar Palhares by 3rd round submission but it was the eye pokes before the submission that Shields is crediting with the victory.

Palhares has been on a winning streak since entering WSOF, he was cut from the UFC for holding a submission too long, but his sketchy reputation has followed him. Shields knew of this reputation but still couldn’t avoid tapping to the submission specialist.

Palhares’ camp believe that it was a clean victory and that Shields is upset that he lost:

“I thought Jake Shields put on a great fight, but I think the rest is overblown,” said Palhares’s Manager, Alex Davis. “I didn’t see any eye-gouging. Rousimar has his hands on the face to push away and escape the position. I think Jake Shields was simply whining too much about the supposed eye-pokes and Mazzagatti was influenced by his complaints.

“The damage around Jake’s eyes was caused by the strikes he took on the ground. As for the submission, Mazzagatti was simply too far away when the submission was applied, and he was in the wrong position to stop the fight. The referee needs to be in front of the fighter, otherwise, that fighter has no idea who is tapping on him.”

Shields stands by his claims and feels that there needs to be better refereeing in fights with Palhares:

“One guy is a sociopath, and Mazzagatti is incompetent to ref,” Shields said.

Hard not to come off as a sore loser with quotes like that but his eyes seem to give his statements a bit of validity.

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Pornhub Trolls Meek Mill on Twitter Over OVO Fest Humiliation Tue, 04 Aug 2015 05:55:34 +0000 Meek Mill Cry

Meek Mill continues to take Ls tonight. Even Pornhub doesn’t want to be associated with the rapper after Drake dissed him at OVO Fest.

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Will Smith Clowning Meek Mill Backstage With Drake and Kanye (Video) Tue, 04 Aug 2015 05:41:30 +0000 Will Smith Meek Mill

Will Smith is from West Philadelphia, born and raised and even he is clowning Meek Mill. Here is the Fresh Prince backstage at OVO Fest having a good laugh at Meek’s expense with Kanye and Drake.

At this point Meek just needs to accept the L and hope something that takes social media’s mind off Drake totally dominating him in this beef.

This was like the 49ers vs. Broncos Super Bowl with Montana throwing a bunch of TDs to Jerry Rice. Meek has to move to Bel-Air and hope Nicki doesn’t leave him.

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50 Cent Says Meek’s Only Move is to Shoot Drake (Video) Tue, 04 Aug 2015 05:18:45 +0000 50 Cent Meek Mill

I know 50 is joking, but hopefully Meek doesn’t get any crazy ideas.

Just take your L like a man and laugh about in a few years. No one needs to get shot over some memes. 50 loves to interject himself into some Tweets.

A video posted by 50 Cent (@50cent) on

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Report: Two People Shot After J.Cole’s Show Tue, 04 Aug 2015 05:06:43 +0000 2 people shot at J. Cole concert

Rap superstar J. Cole continued his “Forest Hills Drive” tour tonight in New Jersey, but things didn’t end so well to say the least.

Two people were shot outside the PNC Bank Arts Center in Central New Jersey following a hip hop concert Monday night, police said.

An argument sparked the altercation.

The victims were sent to a nearby hospital in unknown condition.

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Stephen Amell To Fight Stardust On Next Week’s Raw As The Arrow Tue, 04 Aug 2015 04:11:56 +0000 arrow vs stardust

The showdown we’ve all been waiting for is happening on next week’s RAW.

Stephen Amell and Stardust have been going at each other for months, and no better way to fuel the rivalry leading up to Summer Slam then with Amell facing off against his foe dressed as the Arrow.

H/T Geeks and Cleats

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Caption the Photos: Drake, Kanye West and Will Smith After OVO Fest Tue, 04 Aug 2015 04:03:22 +0000 Drake chills with Kanye West and Will Smith at OVO Fest

To say OVO fest was lit would be a drastic understatement. Stars like Future, Kanye West, Big Sean and etc all performed in the “6”.

As expected, Drake was the last performer and he had the crowd on edge all night. His set featured a series of shots at rival Meek Mill.

After Drake blessed the stage, he chilled with Kanye and Will Smith.

You know life is good when Kanye is smiling.

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Man Says He Beheaded His Wife For Having Evil in Her (Video) Tue, 04 Aug 2015 03:58:48 +0000 kenneth-wakefield

Kenneth Wakefield, 43 apparently let out a loud cry in the middle of his first court appearance.

As NBC reported,

According to a court document released Monday, Wakefield, 43, told police that he beheaded his wife,,, 49, because “he was trying to get the evil out of” her.

Police found several bloody knives in the apartment, the document says, and “Trina had multiple stab wounds to her torso along with defensive wounds to her hands and arms.”

In the video of Wakefield’s court appearance, the prosecutor says that at the time of alleged murder, Wakefield, who authorities have described as mentally ill, was “either not taking his meds” or was taking them with “marijuana and spice,” as synthetic pot is known.

At the end of the court appearance Wakefield’s bond was set at 2 million dollars.

Wakefield has a metal health history being that he was just recently released from a mental hospital after 10 years, for attempted to murder his mother.

Let us all hope this time he’s put away for good so he can not murder anyone else.

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Meek Mill’s Ghostwriter Has a Twitter Q and A Tue, 04 Aug 2015 03:56:32 +0000 Meek Mill Ghostwriter

Louie V. Gutta a producer and songwriter claims he has written a lot of Meek Mill’s material over the years.

He held a brief Twitter Q & A on it.

Meek Mill Ghostwriter

Meek Mill Ghostwriter 2

Mr. Gutta does show up in the credits on Meek’s first album, so take this information as you see fit.

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Spider-Man Will Reportedly Fight A Big Villain In ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Tue, 04 Aug 2015 03:45:46 +0000 spiderman fight

New details on the extent of Spider-Man’s role in Captain America: Civil War have surfaced and Spider-Man fans get excited.

For those who thought Spider-Man would just show face in Civil War by means of introduction is in for a treat, according to  Devin Faraci of BMDPeter Parker will face off against a big-time villain and pick his allegiance in the Civil War.

In an article covering last week’s news that Tom Holland has already filmed his Peter Parker cameo for Captain America: Civil War, which might have been done in a matter of days, Devin Faraci nonchalantly notes that Spidey has been on the set much longer by way of stunt men and other pre-VFX techniques. And that’s because Civil War will see the teenager costumed in a few scenes and in battle, as opposed to just swinging by to show fans and general audiences that he’s now in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And judging by the way that Faraci boasts this fight scene, it won’t just be a disposable bad guy that Spider-Man will take on. The [sic] journo suggests it will “jockey” for ‘Best Superhero Battle’ lists “not because of how top tier the face-off will be, but because of how profoundly dorky and unlike any other big screen superhero fight it will be.” 

This is a good way of introducing Spider-Man in a way that makes sense, versus just sticking him in the film for fan reaction. Now it’s just a matter of speculating which villain Spidey will beat up.

H/T Geeks and Cleats

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Cristiano Ronaldo Goes Under Disguise In Madrid To Play Soccer (Video) Tue, 04 Aug 2015 03:34:41 +0000 cristiano playing soccer in streets of madrid

Just when you thought that Cristiano Ronaldo wasn’t capable of pulling a fast one on you, you were wrong.

Being mischievous and playing pranks just adds more pazazz to your personality. It’s pretty clear that Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t your typical soccer player. He decided, for some apparent reason, to go under disguise and play soccer in the streets of Madrid for the particular reason. What was the result? Good clean fun.

Ronaldo continues to be an awesome person just for this prank. Do you think he felt some sort of way because the girl didn’t give him her phone number? We doubt it.

H/T SportingNews

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Drake Wears New Raptors Jersey to Diss Meek Mill (Video) Tue, 04 Aug 2015 03:12:19 +0000 Drake Raptors Jersey OVO Fest

It’s only right that Drake throws on a #6 Toronto Raptors Jersey to close out this year’s OVO Fest.

This is the first time we get a glimpse at the 2015-2016 Toronto Raptors’ basketball jersey. Drake is the perfect person to debut the look.

Here’s a look at all 4 new Toronto Raptors jerseys:

NBA Raptors New Jeresys

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Man Sues In-n-Out For Putting Meth Pills in His Drink (Photos) Tue, 04 Aug 2015 03:07:57 +0000 in-n-out-cali

What are the actual health standards for fast food restaurants?

This In-n-Out Burger in Carlsbad, California apparently has no health rules.

Fred Maldonado purchased a meal at a Carlsbad, California, and you won’t believe was reportedly happened to him afterwards.

According to Dailymail,

Fred Maldonado of Carlsbad, California ordered a burger and drink at the In-N-Out Burger in Downey, California when he later found a napkin and two gelatin capsules in the bottom of the cup that allegedly contained meth, the lawsuit said He has sued alleging negligence and strict liability.

After consuming the meal and suffering nausea and mental issues, is when Maldonado apparently found a napkin and the gel capsules at the bottom of the cup, the lawsuit said.


Hopefully this guy can get the issues all figured out, and In-n-Out speaks up or pays up.

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Fans Chant “F*ck Meek Mill” at OVO Fest (Video) Tue, 04 Aug 2015 03:04:01 +0000 Meek Mill OVO Fest

The 6 don’t have any love for Meek Mill? I guess this video says it all…

Am I the only one starting to feel bad for Meek Mill?

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Rihanna Twerks At Carnival (Video) #ForTheBros Tue, 04 Aug 2015 02:46:37 +0000 rihanna12

Rihanna and her newly thick body pleased the bros all over the world by twerking like a pro at Carnival


]]> 0 Safaree Chimes in On Twitter About OVO Fest Tue, 04 Aug 2015 02:37:47 +0000 Safaree

Sometimes an emoji is all you need nowadays to express your feelings.

Drake has been trashing Meek Mill all night and it looks like Safaree is enjoying the festivities.

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Pharrell Performs at Drake’s OVO Fest (Video) Tue, 04 Aug 2015 02:31:33 +0000 Pharrell OVO Fest 2015

Drake’s OVO Fest keeps rolling out special guest and the latest is ‘Skateboard P’ himself, Pharrell.

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Man Arrested For Shooting Drone Filming Naked Daughters Tue, 04 Aug 2015 02:28:42 +0000 William H. Merideth

It looks like the new drone craze may be getting out of hand already.

William H. Merideth, 47, A Kentucky father was recently arrested for shooting a drone down.

Now according to frontpagebuzz,

A father has been arrested after shooting down an $1,800 drone that was reportedly hovering over his two sunbathing daughters.
William H. Merideth, 47, from Kentucky was charged with first-degree criminal mischief and first-degree wanton endangerment.
The owner of the drone claims he was only trying to take pictures of a friend’s house when Merideth shot at the device, sending it crashing into a field near his yard last weekend.

I’m not sure how I feel about the drone being so close to them either, what do you guys think the drone was recording?

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