Aaron Hernandez Drawing Naked Women to Past The Time in Jail (Photos)

Aaron Hernandez has the worst jailhouse pen pals.

He writes these long letters to people (beautiful penmanship, by the way) and they just sell them to TMZ for a quick buck.  I am seriously considering writing Hernandez, so I can do the same thing.

It appears like most inmates he is missing his “bad chicks” while behind bars.

Aaron Hernandez Letter

Beyond all that, if you read the letter in its entirety, Hernandez is still claiming his innocence.

2nd Aaron Hernandez Jailhouse Letter Leaked; LOLs at Not Having Internet


I would imagine reading and writing letters in jail is a good way to past the time, but Aaron Hernandez might want to scale back on the writing part.

Especially since TMZ is paying up to $18k for letters, now everyone is trying to get paid. Here is the latest letter.

Aaron Hernandez jail letter

This particular letter was sent to someone who started a support page on Facebook for Hernandez (seems like that support only went so far). Hernandez has been told by prison officials that his letters are being leaked, but who knows how many are out there.