Amber Rose’s Leaked Nudes

Amber Rose King 2

In honor of Amber Rose divorcing Wiz Khalifah here is a throwback post of when Amber Rose leaked her nudes.


Listen to Amber Rose “Fame” Song or View Her Leaked Photos?..You Make the Call

Unlike a lot of people I don’t care if Amber Rose or Kim Kardashian want to sing or act.

My thing is if someone wants to sign the check do what makes you happy.

Amber Rose dropped a Drakeish song with her boo Wiz Khalifa, it is ummmmm nicely mixed, pretty cover art.

Personally I like this other video better, but I digress.



Amber Rose Cover Art for New Single..Will Reggie Bush Be in the Video?

Amber Rose accused Kim Kardashian of cheating on Reggie Bush and breaking up her relationship with Kanye West, so she is preparing a diss song (Amber Rose Says Kim Kardashian Cheated on Reggie Bush With Kanye West)?

Ironically Kim Kardashian came out with a terrible song, so you could say Amber is following in her footsteps.

No offense to Amber, but I think most people who prefer to just see her naked pics (The Uncensored Amber Rose Nude Photos)

BSO Pretty Ladies: Amber Rose Has Hair Now & If You Missed The Naked Pics

I am the first to admit that I am not big on short hair on women.

If your fade is smoother than mine, you get the Rock Eyebrow. A lot of women think they are Amber Rose and Halle Berry, but to mess up a quote from the movie “Friday” they are looking like Axel Rose and Fred Berry.

So I applaud Amber Rose for getting her Beyonce on in her new pics.

Hair though is irrelevant when you are taking pics like this.

The Uncensored Amber Rose Nude Photos

Topless Naked Amber Rose Pics Surface in Barbados

People have asked my why I am posting Amber’s pics lately, it isn’t rocket science or anything.

First time they were posted it almost crashed the site, so I assume that you guys like critiquing them and since I am the People’s Journalist, I give the people what they want and they want this.

NSFW Two Topless Pics of Amber Rose



Plus she is dating Wiz Khalifa who did the song “Black and Yellow” which was the unofficial Steelers theme song, so there is your sports angle.

People have been getting on her for putting on a couple of pounds, I think she looks outstanding, personally I don’t want an Ironing Board built lady, but that is just me.

Amber Rose Naked Pics Hit The Net..Curse of the Steelers Black & Yellow

Amber Rose who has been linked to many athletes in the past (most recently Amar’e Stoudemire) is now rumored to be dating rapper Wiz Khalifa.

Khalifa is the rapper who’s hit single “Black and Yellow” became the Pittsburgh Steelers theme song during their run to the Super Bowl.  It put Khalifa on the map (he performed during halftime of the AFC Championship game) and gave him a lot of mainstream exposure.

It probably helped him also with his woooing of Amber Rose or her woooing of him.

Alas the Steelers lost the Super Bowl, Lil Wayne’s “Green and Yellow” is getting heavy rotation and now Amber Rose naked cell pics hit the net.

Who was she taking them for?

I am assuming it was a mass text.

I loosely put together a sports story out of this just so you can see the pics, so you can thank me later.  Remember these pics are NSFW, don’t want a Steeler fan getting fired today trying to ease their pain by looking at Rose’s boobs.