Antwaan Randle El Shows Off Deformed Finger (Photo)

randle el, Luck

After years of playing football Randle El

At a recent charity event to raise money for the Philippines, Randle El showed participants something other than his check book. After years of  playing football Randle El fingers sort of… grew apart?

We grabbed this picture from along with Randle El posing with a Ricky Bobby impersonator and signing his forehead.

randle el, Luck


randle el, luck

Ex-NFL GM: I’d Draft Michigan QB Denard Robinson to Play Cornerback

Denard Robinson

Most of us had Michigan QB Denard Robinson pegged to be the NFL’s next “slash” player who could lineup at quarterback, running back, or wide receiver in the mold of Kordell Stewart or Antwaan Randle-El.  Ex-Dallas Cowboys general manager Gil Brandt has another opinion about Robinson’s NFL prospects (via

“I’d draft him to be a cornerback,” Brandt said. “A quarterback never wants to be told he’s going to have to play another position, but I don’t think he can play quarterback in the NFL. I do know teams are always looking for cornerbacks, and I think Robinson could do it because of his quickness and speed.  But he’d have to want to do it to make it work.”

Remember that scene in Any Given Sunday when Willie Beamon said that he had a coach who tried to make him play corner because he thought he had quick feet?  Unlike Willie B., I think Robinson will be amenable to playing another position in NFL.  However, running the ball and catching passes is one thing.  Tackling 230 lbs running backs in the open field is another.  We’ll see where Robinson chooses to play when he auditions for scouts at the combine this Spring.