Lawrence Taylor’s Lawyer Arthur Aidala: LT Had Some Contact With 16 Year Old

I am 99.6% sure they are going with some form of “Clinton Defense”.  To get people to believe that absolutely nothing happened in the Holiday Inn would be insulting people intelligence especially since $300 was exchanged between LT and the pimp. has additional details from LT’s lawyer:

The Hall of Famer’s attorney said evidence will show the linebacker did have “some contact” with the alleged 16-year-old runaway.

“I think that the investigation will bear out that he was in contact with her that night,” Aidala said in an appearance on the Mike Francesa show on WFAN radio. “What exactly happened, I wasn’t there. I think that the evidence will show that there was some contact between the two but it wasn’t sex. Lawrence is saying they did not have sex. I believe he said that. Again I don’t have the statement [Taylor made to the police]. He said he did not have sex with her.” [Read more…]

Lawrence Taylor’s Lawyer Arthur Aidala: He Didn’t Have Sex With Anyone

More details have come to light regarding the alleged statutory rape between former NFL great Lawrence Taylor and a 16 year old runaway prostitute.

This is an approximate timeline of what happened.

Taylor at some point solicited a pimp, Rasheed Davis, who brought the 16 year old girl to Taylor’s room at the Holiday Inn (he could have at least gotten the Marriot).  At some point had the young lady had been hit by Mr. Davis, according to the police.

According to police, Taylor and the young woman had sex.  The police declined to say if it was consensual or not, but under the laws of NY state it doesn’t matter.  Minors under the age of 17 can not give consent by law, so any person over 21 who has sex with a minor can be charged with statutory rape.

Taylor’s attorney Arthur Aidala denies that Taylor had sex with the young woman; here are the exact quotes: [Read more…]