Ravens Rookie WR Breshad Perriman Out Indefinitely After PCL Surgery


With the Baltimore Ravens off to such a poor start, it may be time to shut Breshad Perriman down for the rest of his rookie season.

Perriman is out indefinitely after having surgery to repair his reinjured PCL.

According to Jamison Hemsley of ESPN.com, Perriman was reinjured Sunday while trying to catch a pass.

Perriman injured his knee during training camp and has missed the entire preseason and first three regular season games.

John Harbaugh: We Are Preparing For Steelers, Not Vick

John Harbaugh Media

Is it insult to injury to not expect a mobile Vick? Well, for the Thursday Night NFL game, the Ravens aren’t even preparing for a QB change, just the Steelers in general.

We have a lot of respect for [Vick]—a fine quarterback. He brings unique talents to the table, and those are things we’ve got to prepare for, but really the preparation is for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Their team is intact—all the things that they do, all the players that they have, that’s what they revolve around, is who they are a football team. And now he becomes a piece of that team that we have to be aware of.”

Harbaugh made a valid point. To some degree the Steelers are still the same physical team, just a change in QB, but it could still make a big difference. We all know a healthy and mobile Vick, can possibly be a dangerous one. The Ravens are looking for their first win of the season after starting to a history record of 0-3. Mike Vick is looking to get his first win as a full time Steeler QB against a hungry Ravens team. Who will come out on top?

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John Harbaugh on Why He Treats the Media the Way He Does

John Harbaugh Media

While there are curmudgeonly old coaches like Greg Popovich or Bill Belichick, who treat interviews as if they’re a trip to the dentist and occasionally roast a media member; their trick is that they’re portraying wisdom and character while they’re doing so.

John Harbaugh has yet to master their technique, and has therefore come off as straight up mean in many interviews.

Most recently, the video below of Harbough with the Ravens sideline reporter, which is well worth the :30 second watch if you want to learn how to appropriately immasculate somebody on live television.

Harbaugh apparently realized later on that he didn’t come off like the most likable guy in that interview, so he decided to speak on it and try to clear the air:

“Those halftime interviews are tough, and I don’t think I’m very good at it,” Harbaugh said. “I haven’t been very good at it. I haven’t been very good with the national group, haven’t been very good with the local group. I think that’s pretty well documented.”

Well, there you have it folks. John Harbaugh is bad at public speaking so it results in him getting angry with those around him.

Makes sense when you think about it.

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Tim Tebow Laid Hands to Break Up Eagles-Ravens Practice Fight


The power of Tim Tebow was on display once again at the Eagles-Ravens scrimmage today. Via YardBarker,

If a person was asked to name the most likely NFL player who would be capable of breaking up a fight during a tense and heated training camp scrimmage between two hard-fighting teams, you better believe most folks would say Tim Tebow.

And apparently that was indeed the case as the quarterback reportedly played the role of peace-making inventor when a scuffle broke out in the end zone during a scrimmage between his Philadelphia Eagles teammates and members of the Baltimore Ravens.

Sure, he didn’t actually “Wow!” anybody with his arm or intellect, but he did break up the fight quickly enough so that nobody’s jaw got broken. That’s a plus.

Tebow remains on a quest to find a steady home and/or position in the NFL, but maybe he should just consider becoming a full time body guard for the teams.

There’s a fight nearly everyday and, after all, you may not think you need a body guard – but that’s only until you actually need a body guard. *Suge Knight Voice*

Steve Smith Thinks Rookie CB Was About to Sh*t Himself

FILE: Panthers Release Steve Smith New York Jets v Carolina Panthers

Steve Smith has never been one to bite his tongue and, after announcing this as his final NFL season, is likely to be even more reckless on the microphone throughout the season.

This of course is great news for fans, who will be treated to tons of soundbites from the receiver all season long. Smith delivered some great quotes after a joint practice with the Philadelphia Eagles earlier today, riffing on his wife’s birthday and hating these practices among other things. But the best part of the conversation was Smith’s analysis of the rookie cornerback he was asked to assess throughout the practice.

The rookie corner in question is Eric Rowe and Smith said facing him for a few seconds at a time made it hard to judge “if he’s going to be the next Deion Sanders.” Rowe gave a colorful account of his conversations with Smith during the practice.

“He’s like, ‘I saw it in your eyes, you about to s— yourself.’ I’m like, ‘Nah, I don’t panic,’” Rowe said, via Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Welcome to the league rook.

H/T Pro Football Talk

Steve Smith on Being Upset Being at Bullcrap Practice

Steve Smith says he'll rahter be home than practice

Veteran wide receiver Steve Smith announced this will be his last season recently. Like most vets, training camp and practice can be boring.

After doing the same thing for 15 years, you can imagine how it can be difficult to gain motivation at times. Earlier today, the Ravens and Eagles came together for a joint practice and Smith wasn’t feeling it at all.

“I’d rather be at home,” Smith said, via the Baltimore Sun. “Today’s my wife’s birthday, so I’m not at home. I’m over here doing this bull [crap] and missing my wife’s birthday. That’s my honest opinion. I’d rather be at home singing happy birthday to my wife, but I’m out here getting questioned to assess a rookie corner.”

How can you blame him?

John Harbaugh On Why Refs Need to Practice More

Harbaugh Refs

The head coach of the Baltimore Ravens believes there is an easy way to make NFL refs better at their jobs.

“If they got more practice time in training camp, I think they’d do a little bit better,” he said. “We think that makes us better and certainly makes the officials better, too.”

That’s hard to argue with because its simple logic. The NFL, however, would probably frown upon that statement had it stood alone.

Harbaugh was smart enough to preface it with mentioning how they are already performing at the highest possible level, just prior to delivering the back hand. Via the Score,

“Gosh, you’re doing something at the highest level possible,” Harbaugh said after practice Saturday, according to Jamison Hensley of ESPN. “You’re at the top of the field. You’d think you’d need more than three days of practice a year to really be good at it. So I don’t think it’s really an outrageous thing to ask for.”

“My proposal is that they get together and get on the same page,” Harbaugh said. “Maybe talk to one another and solve a problem once in a while instead of creating a problem.”

By now you may have heard that refs are stopping by each team’s training camp practices for a total of three days. That’s one step in the right direction, but clearly not enough.

The League’s play has become increasingly difficult to judge as the rules have changed seemingly every season, and the athleticism on the field is at an all time high in every position.

Harbaugh has a point. Either practice more, or throw another ref 50 yards back in center-field so we can at least rid the game of those long ball P.I. calls.

Ravens Steve Smith Announces Retirement After 2015 Season

Steve Smith

After several seasons with the Panthers, Steve Smith signed with the Ravens for the 2014 season. Smith is just 36 but has decided that he will be calling it quits from the NFL after the 2015 season.

Ravens Make Statement On If They Snitched To Colts About Deflated Balls


For months now, reports have circulated that indicate the Ravens gave the Colts a heads up about deflated footballs before the AFC Championship.

Obviously attempting to move on and focus on the upcoming season, Baltimore issued this response to the reports that the Ravens “tipped off” the Colts about deflated footballs before the AFC Championship:

“Prior to the AFC Championship game, no one from the Ravens talked to the Colts about deflated footballs. We knew nothing of deflated footballs. John Harbaugh has been consistent in his answers to reporters about this since he was first asked on NBC-TV at the Super Bowl.”

Harbaugh himself addressed the report as well.

“I’ve been consistent from the beginning when asked about whether the Ravens tipped off the Colts about deflated footballs. I’ll say it again – we didn’t. We knew nothing about deflated footballs.

It was alleged that Colts coach Chuck Pagano’s relationship with his former team and a Ravens Special Teams assistant, played a central role in the uncovering of the DeflateGate scandal.