Amber Rose Sports Bra Workout..Bruins Brad Marchand Raps Black & Yellow

It is all 6 Degrees of separation.

Amber Rose was on the beach doing an early morning video shoot in a yellow sports bra and black Chuck Taylors, she is dating Wiz Khalifa who penned the song “Black & Yellow”.

The “Black & Yellow” song becomes an anthem for any team who wears black and yellow.

Including the Boston Bruins who just won the Stanley Cup and at that victory Brad Marchand butchers the song.

We are all like Avatars connected to the tree.

I am not sure if that makes Chris Bosh our father, but I digress.

Pics: Jordin Sparks The Kevin Durant of R&B..New Bikini Pics For People Mag

I don’t have a problem with athletes that are “Hollywood as Hell”.

One problem with fans is that they use Mainstream Media as a gauge to what is politically correct and who is a bad or good guy.  It is the media that wants you to believe that Chad OchoCinco is a “bad guy” even though anyone who has met Chad in person can tell you that he is one of the nicest people that you will meet.

Because some of the biggest stars in the NBA like to make rain, refer to themselves in 3rd person and dress like they are going to a  Revenge of the Nerds renaissance festival, blue collar people don’t seem to take too kindly to that, mainly because the media paints them in a negative light unfairly.

For those fans, Kevin Durant is like Luke Skywalker, he is the last of the Jedi who can bring balance to the universe.  He is the opposite of all the stereotypes about your current NBA stars.

While I don’t have anything against the other “KINGS” in the NBA, Durant is more relatable not just to myself, but the average fan.

This brings us to Miss Sparks, who is a breath a fresh air in the current wave of R&B singers.  I have joked about the “thirst” for her on my twitter account (you can follow her @jordinsparks , you should already be following me), but in reality I just think she is sweet and talented young lady, who should be getting the same notoriety as some of the other “Hollywood as Hell” R&B stars are getting.

She is in People Magazine this month (pick up a copy) talking about being healthy and feeling sexy.

At age 17, Jordin Sparks took home the title of American Idol at a size 14. Now a size 8, the 21-year-old says she’s feeling more confident – and it shows in her first-ever bikini shoot with PEOPLE.

“I’ve always felt cute, but now I feel sexier,” the singer says in the new issue of PEOPLE this week.

I like the tat by the way.

Pics: 6 Magazine Top 25 African-American NFL Cheerleaders

Our friends at has put together a list of the top 25 Black NFL Cheerleaders.  Since I am never one to turn down looking over a list of pretty ladies, my personal top 5 is above.

You can check out the entire list here.


Here is my personal #1.

Almost made me a Redskin fan.

Video: Bella Gonzalez Says Pacquiao Made Shane Mosley His F*cking B*tch

I am all for your lady holding you down, but was a line crossed here?

We all know that Shane Mosley put on a horrible performance against Manny Pacquiao.  We also know that Shane wanted to quit on his stool, but how do you feel about his girlfriend Bella Gonzalez screaming at him these words of encouragement in Spanish?

“He is making you his f*cking b*tch”

I don’t know if Shane knows Spanish, but even if he does do you consider this motivation.  She definitely wasn’t lying.

As a member of the male species the one thing you never want is your lady thinking another man is punking you.  The theory goes that she will never have respect for you, if you are being “b*tched” by another guy.

This is why there are so many fights and murders unfortunately over women.

I am sure the $6 million dollars plus that Shane Mosley made to run away from Pacquiao helped Gonzalez get over it, but in reality is that something that easily forgotten?

It is one thing to go out on your shield, women respect a gladiator win, lose or draw, but what about a coward?

In a few months if you hear that Shane and Gonzalez have broken up, you can thank Manny Pacquiao left hook for it.

Pics: Rachael Cordingley, Boxer Carl Froch’s Wife

Unless you are a boxing fan you probably don’t know Carl Froch, but you should. He is a very good fighter who is in Showtime’s Super 6 Super Middleweight tournament (it seems like the tournament has been going on forever).

Froch had an impressive win against Glen Johnson and will move on to the Finals of the Super 6.  Mark the tape he will be Andre Ward.

Even if you aren’t a boxing fan you can appreciate his wife Maxim model Rachael Cordingley.

I know I do.

Reggie Bush’s Girlfriend Pics, Claudia Sampedro Half Naked Taz Angel

While Kim Kardashian is acting like Kate Middleton with Kris Humphries playing the role of Prince Williams, lets not forgot about our man Reggie Bush.  Kimmy wanted to marry Reggie, but Reggie similar to a halfback dive, decided to run out of bounds on the proposal.

That either makes Reggie very smart or very stupid, depends on how you look at the situation.

In the interim while not putting his foot in mouth on twitter or being on reality shows, he has been seeing Miss Sampedro.  She is a Taz Angel which are some Twodels that promote lingerie or something irrelevant like that.

Here is some more info according to

Miss Sampedro, a 21-year-old Cuban-born swimsuit, glamor and lingerie model, also works for one of Miami’s top plastic surgeons as a doctor’s assistant.

An assistant to a plastic surgeon? Does that mean she gets discounts on enhancements?

After reviewing the pics who would you prefer?

Kimmy or Claudia?

I wouldn’t mind both in a threesome, but I digress.

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BSO Pretty Ladies: Gossip Girl Tika Sumpter Esquire’s “Me In My Place” Pics

I never watched Gossip Girls (maybe I should), but there was one thing about Tika Sumpter Esquire’s photo shoot that is very important that I need to point out to MY BROTHERS!!!

You don’t have to have a huge booty and double D breasts to be:


Give me 1 Sumpter over 100 big booty Twodels (Twitter Models).

Video: Sofia Vergara and David Beckham Diet Pepsi Commercial

When the BSO Board of Directors get together we have a lot of serious conversations. We talk about Lebron’s hairline, why does Floyd Mayweather pay some much money for watches that are so ugly and why doesn’t someone just shoot Batman in the head, since he has no Super Powers?

One of the major discussions is who is the #1 young lady on the BSO Female Draft Board.

We have a few scouts who are willing to go to war for Modern Family Star Sofia Vergara.  They say she is the closet to a sure fire draft prospect since Halle Berry in “Boomerang”.  She is starring in this new Diet Pepsi Commercial with David Beckham. The scouts don’t care about Beckham.