Report: Cavs, Jazz Discussed Trading No. 1 pick for No. 5, Derrick Favors

NBA: Utah Jazz at Minnesota Timberwolves

Joel Embiid’s foot injury has thrown the entire draft into a free spin.  

Joe Kotoch of Pro Basketball Draft is reporting that the Jazz are ready to totally make the draft chaotic by moving up the way up to the No. 1 pick.  

Their target?   Jabari Parker.


Cavs Tristan Thompson Changing Shooting Hand From Left To Right


Cleveland Cavaliers third year forward Tristan Thompson has made a total makeover of his game, and he started from the bare roots with it.

Thompson is attempting an unprecedented move of going from left handed shooter to right handed shooter according to Fear The Sword. 

“I think it’s the first time ever in NBA history,” Thompson said of the change, and he may be right.

Jerry Colangelo, executive director of USA Basketball has been affiliated with the NBA since the mid-1960s and has seen everything the modern game has to offer, seemingly. Does he know of an NBA player switching his shooting hand mid-career?

“No,” he said flatly when I asked him. “There are a lot of players who work hard so they can finish equally well with both hands, but as far as changing the hands they shoot with? I’ve never heard of that. That’s 1-in-1000 right there.”

Thompson hasn’t a bust up to this point, but he’s definitely entering this season with something to prove.  I think that’s evident by the team choosing Anthony Bennett with the first pick.

Mike Brown Says Dion Waiters Will Play Strictly At SG


Dion Waiters had some bright moments as a rookie with the Cavaliers, but to often found himself in an undefined role while trying to learn the game.

Things will be much simpler for Waiters in Cleveland in his second season. According to The Akron Beacon Journal, Brown sees Waiters simply as a shooting guard.

“I’m viewing him strictly as a 2-guard,” Brown said.

Brown would like Waiters to learn the nuances of being a guard, whether he’s shooting or not.

“I even told Dion, ‘You could go 0 for 20 for all I care. Shoot the ball every time you touch it. Don’t make a shot. I’m not looking at that right now because we’ll correct that part,'” Brown said. “I just want to see the little things that add up to championship level basketball. Each game I thought he’s gotten a little bit better in those areas.”


Andrew Bynum Says Cavs are ‘Definitely a Playoff Team’


It feels so much like deja vu I as I sit and watch a city get euphoric over the signing of Andrew Bynum.

A year ago in Philadelphia, the sign and trade acquisition of Andrew Bynum had the city buzzing with thoughts of a dominant center, and a historic playoff run.

Instead, Bynum missed every game of the season, collected over $16 million, and spent an entire year trolling 76ers fans with bowling shenanigans, salsa dancing, and no sense of urgency to return.

Fast forward ahead to a year, and the Cavaliers now have dreams of a dominant big man to go with Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters.

During his introductory presser, Bynum said he was healthy, eager to play, and called Kyrie Irving a “world renown talent.” Bynum then said that the Cavaliers are “definitely a playoff team.”

“This is definitely a playoff team,” Bynum said.

“The Cavs so far have given me every opportunity to succeed,” Bynum said. “The medical staff is great. They’ve put together a plan going forward. I pretty much just show up and work hard. I really believe in the doctors here and in the training staff. I’m in a different place because after the surgery I feel a lot better than I did last year. With time off I’ve been able to get the swelling out. I’m just ready to work. I’m here. I moved up here already, found a new location to live. I’m going to be in this gym as much as possible to get my game back to the level that I know I can.”

Only Andrew Bynum knows how healthy he is, and whether or not he can really give the Cavs what they need.

Andrew Bynum Agrees To Two Year $24 Million Deal With Cavs


There’s nothing like being a seven footer in this day and age.

ESPN’s Chris Broussard is reporting that the Cavs and Andrew Bynum have agreed to a deal.

Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting that that Bynum will get a two-year $24 million deal, with only $6 million guaranteed, and the second year is a team option.

Bynum missed the entire 2012-13 season for the Philadelphia 76ers with chronic knee issues.  Bynum still walked away from the 76ers with a nice $16 million salary.



Cavs Considering Shutting Down Kyrie Irving For Rest Of Season

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Indiana Pacers

Kyrie Irving made his first All Star team this season, established himself  as a top-tier point in the league, and now with a lingering knee injury, the Cavs and head coach Byron Scott are considering shutting down Irving for the remainder of the season.

“If Ky is hurting, I have no problem sitting him down,” Scott said.

Irving played in his second straight game Wednesday after missing a week, and led the Cavs to a come from behind victory over the Jazz.

Irving told ESPN that he wouldn’t sit even though taking the rest of the season off would be the only way for the knee to totally heal.

“The only way I would get better is if I sit out for the rest of the season, and I’m not doing that,” Irving said.

Scott commended Irving on his toughness, but reiterated that he wouldn’t risk Irving’s future over 20 plus games.

“If there is any way of doing more damage by continuing to play, then I’ll find that out and we’ll go from there,” Scott said. “I want him (Irving) to go out there and play and be effective for us,” Scott said. “I don’t want him playing at 100 percent.”

Cavs Dion Waiters Splits The Defense And Sick Dunk On Blazers (Video)

Cleveland Cavaliers rookie guard Dion Waiters is going to be a beast in the league, and that’s not bias because he is a Philly kid.

Well a little bit.

Waiters plays with a warriors spirit, has ice in his veins, and no conscience.

This video courtesy of Dime Mag, shows Waiters split a Blazers double team and finish strong going down the lane.

Waiters and Kyrie Irving are going to drive opposing back courts crazy.

LeBron James’ Decision Anniversary. We All Win!

I woke up this morning listening to the Jorge Sedano Show in South Florida, with Jalen Rose as a guest. While listening I realize it’s the one year anniversary of “The Decision”. The hour long telecast changed the landscape of the NBA forever; players took control of free agency and left owners scrambling to adjust. Do not listen to Charles Barkley saying the Miami Heat are the reason for the lockout, they only added a topic to the NBA lockout agenda.

Reviewing the NBA season I realized, everyone benefited on the The Decision, The Heat Signing Party, and the season that followed. That’s right everyone won and let’s break down who everyone is and how they all won in some kind of way.
Miami Heat Organization – Ask anyone apart of the NBA, they will tell you from Owner all the way down to towel boy, the Miami Heat is a first class organization and did there due diligence to free up the cap space and sealing the deal with signing James, Wade, and Bosh.

LeBron James – The best player that played alongside of James during his 7 year stint in Cleveland, was Carlos Boozer in his rookie year. The Cleveland Cavaliers failed to add a young core next to James and I believe that is why he left. Do you think Jordan stayed in Chicago because of Jerry Reinsdorf and Jerry Krause; but rather playing with Scottie Pippen, at the end maybe not the best of friends off the court but were a work of art on the court.

Dwayne Wade – Adding LeBron James may have added three years to the longevity of his career. Wade’s style of play was not good for a prolonged career and he might have not lasted much longer playing that attacking style with reckless abandoned. With the current team he will be able to pace himself through 82 game seasons.

Chris Bosh – Went from playing in Toronto and never advancing out of the first round to playing in Miami and two wins away from the title.

Kobe Bryant – That’s right the Black Mamba especially, Kobe is fueled by motivation to be the greatest, and seeing the Miami Heat made Kobe realize I got to work harder to win another title and I need the right team to do it with. The rest of Lakers did not follow suit this year, and the Dallas Mavericks swept them because of it. The Lakers now have no choice but to give Kobe a revamped roster and do not be surprised to see Dwight Howard and/or Chris Paul in Laker Gold one day.
Dallas Mavericks – What better to beat for the NBA title, other than to beat the team that stole the title from Dallas in 06. Mark Cuban stayed quiet and got the last laugh on the NBA, very well played by him.

Rest of NBA – Other NBA stars realize that big market teams or classy organizations and joining with other stars, is the way to go. It’s the NBA way, if you do not want to believe that, and then explain why only eight franchises (Bulls, Lakers, Celtics, Spurs, Pistons, Rockets, Heat, and Mavericks) have won titles since 1984. Small market teams enjoyed sell outs whenever the Miami Heat came to now as well.

Miami Heat fans – Excluding the bandwagon jumper, Miami Heat fans went from believing Dwayne Wade may return to Chicago to adding LeBron James and Chris Bosh. The season itself was a spectacular ride for Heat fans, it did not end in a title but it was great entertainment.

LeBron James haters– After the Heat eliminated the Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls, and the Los Angeles Lakers did not make it to the NBA finals, it appears those LeBron James haters/Miami Heat haters were going to eat crow. For seven quarters of the NBA finals the Miami Heat were in complete control, then lost control and never got it back. James haters were able to unite and rejoice at the end.

City of Cleveland – Dan Gilbert still has a chance to deliver on his promise to win the championship before LeBron James. Gilbert did win it all in the playoffs, well the NBA lottery that is. Cleveland fans made Dallas Mavericks logo’s with Cavalier colors and even called themselves the Cleveland Mavs. I found that a bit weird, but in the end they were also happy.

The Neutral Fan – Bill Simmons while on the Dan LeBatard radio show said it best when he spoke about how the 2011 Season had the perfect storyline. Miami Heat played the villain role and when it seemed they had it all. The good guy Dallas Mavericks TEAM saved the day and now everyone is happy. How the Miami Heat handle their adversity will be the number one storyline whenever the NBA lockout is over. Neutral fans like to see a team lose before seeing them standing on the mountain top. I believe the neutral/casual fan will support the Heat in there next title run.
At the end of the day we all want to see greatness on the basketball court, and we can only imagine the Miami Heat will be focused and energized for their next attempt at a title. The media spotlight will still shine on the Heat, but I expect it to be far less stressful on the players.

Everyone falls in the category of NBA player/staff, Miami Heat fan, Miami Heat hater, or the neutral casual fan. If LeBron announce to stay in Cleveland one year ago today, this NBA season would not have been half as entertaining as it was. This is definitely the best NBA season since the Jordan era; the ratings have made that clear.

A Reason to Root for Kyrie Irving

I have to admit that I was only half watching the NBA Draft on Thursday. I didn’t care for talk of “upside” and ”wingspan”, I just wanted to know who was going where.

The moment that caught my attention was the moment that caught everybody’s attention. Washington Wizards’ pick Jan Vesely showing off his game after being selected had Shaunie O’Neal planning “Basketball Wives: Eastern Europe”. But it was another moment that impressed me even more, and I didn’t catch it until Sportscenter the next morning.

Coincidentally enough, it was after a story on the smooch that they mentioned (almost as an afterthought) top pick Kyrie Irving. Watching his press conference I thought it was great that a guy that young was so well spoken. Maybe I had watched too many interviews the night before with Mark Jones where the players, not only their Europeans, stumbled through the short Q & A, but it was refreshing to see a kid in his position coming off so poised and mature.

It was then that I noticed that on his lapel he was wearing a Best Buddies pin.

If you are not familiar with Best Buddies, it is a non-profit organization dedicated to establishing a global volunteer movement that creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

I learned that Irving is a global ambassador for Best Buddies. He signed with agent Jeffrey Wechsler after being swayed by Best Buddies founder Anthony Kennedy Shriver that he in his position where he could make a difference in his community that went beyond making the fans forget that guy who took his talents to South Beach.

The following is a PSA he has filmed for Best Buddies.

So while most players are concerned with who is going to be sponsoring their shoes and what beverage they are going to have in their hand, Kyrie Irving decided his first endorsement deal would involve helping people.
How can you not root for him?