Gabrielle Union: I Provide Financial Support for D Wade

Dwyane Wade Gabrielle Union

Gabby isn’t broke, she makes money in Hollywood and other side ventures, but I doubt she is forking over most of the money for Wade. But, here is what she had to say via Uptown Magazine.

On being the “provider” for she and Dwyane in L.A.:

I should provide for us in L.A.

I bought a really great house and we’re remodeling. What I wanted is really in Bel-Air, but I have a deep Valley budget, so I’m there. I got a lot of what I wanted, but I had to reevaluate my priorities.

On living below her means:
I live so far below my means that if the career was taken away, I could get a job based on my level of education and my job skills, and I could still afford what I have. I plan ahead for the destruction, my financial ruin.

I might borrow some hot sh*t, but you’re gonna come to my house and be like, ‘What happened to that dope bag that cost as much as a home?’ I borrow that. I give it right back.

That is some sound advice about living below your means.

Gabrielle Union Speaks on If She’s Having Wade’s Baby

D Wade Gabrielle Union Wedding 3

Rumors were swirling that Gabby was expecting, Wade’s 4th child (Wade has two by his Ex-Wife and one break baby).

Here is what Gabby had to say, via Hollywood Life.

Gabrielle Union, 42, might be expecting with her 32-year-old husband, Dwyane Wade. According to a new report, the actress just recently found out the exciting news!

Unfortunately, a source close to Gabrielle has confirmed that she is NOT pregnant.

Wade Says HEAT Fans Should Appreciate His BFF LeBron

Wade Lebron

LeBron is coming back to Miami for Christmas and Wade was asked how the fans should react to them in this excellent interview with Bleacher Report.

It is a very rational answer.

“It’s going to be a mixture,” Wade said. “How I think he should be received is a little different. The man helped take us to places we’ve only been once before he got here. So I think he should be received very well for that at the start of the game. And then when the game comes on, then do what you’ve got to do (as fans).”

So, give him a warm welcome and then boo him, seems reasonable to me. Wade knows and most HEAT fans know if LeBron and Bosh didn’t come they wouldn’t have two more rings, so I don’t think Wade’s request is unreasonable.

As far as Wade and Bron’s personal relationship, Wade says nothing has change, in fact they may even be closer now.

“At the end of the day, this is a sport,” he said, and he would never let a sport come between him and the closest friends he has made through it, whether it be James, Udonis Haslem, Dorell Wright or Quentin Richardson.

How frequently do they speak?

“Very often, man,” Wade said. “I think we talk as much as you can ever talk to one of your best friends, whether it’s about basketball or it’s about (James’ sons) Bronny and Bryce and (Wade’s sons) Zaire and Zion and so on. It’s what we do, and what we’ve always done—even before we became teammates, when [there] were articles back then saying, ‘How can these guys be so close and still compete against each other?’ “

He said they may even speak more than they did before they teamed up, “just because we’re used to leaning on each other a little bit. It’s still good to reach out to a person and talk.”

The HEAT are struggling a bit mainly because of injuries, but because the lower half of the East is so weak, they will be fighting for a playoff spot until the end.

D Wade Says He Wasn’t Have Fun During the Bron Years

Dwyane Wade

This was Wade & Pat Riley’s masterplan and someone was going to have to make some sacrifices. It was easier for Chris Bosh to make a sacrifice because he was the #1 player on a bad team in Toronto, but for Wade it was different.

He was an NBA Champion and the undisputed King of Miami, but he knew to be known as one of the all-time great he needed more rings and he wasn’t going to get them without help. He got the rings, but you could always tell he wasn’t entirely comfortable playing the Ricky Bell role to LeBron’s Ralph Tresvant (New Edition reference) and he was pretty honest about that in this Q&A with Bleacher Report.

“It was great, you know, we went to the Finals four years in a row, and it was everything we wanted from that standpoint, but sometimes throughout that run at certain times, it just wasn’t fun,” Wade said. “Individually, it was great having certain relationships, and having my best friend here with me, but all of us didn’t have fun all the time…. I think now I’m at the point where I want to enjoy the game. Because once I’ve won three championships and been so successful, you’ve got to have something to play for. And I want to be able to play for my teammates, and just the joy of the game.”

Why wasn’t it fun?

The outsized attention? The relentless pressure?

“I don’t know,” Wade said. “It’s hard to say, man, because you want it. We wanted it. So it’s hard to say that. You don’t know exactly what’s going to come with it, but we put ourselves in that position. But sometimes you can put too much on yourself, all of us, and it becomes a black cloud around. Last year wasn’t fun. I mean, there was no stretch of it fun. That whole season, to me, it’s amazing we made it to the Finals. It’s just honest. Just this year, coming in, I can see, even the coaches, there’s just a different renewed focus and energy. No one knows what it’s going to lead to. No one knows if that’s going to lead to a Finals win or Finals loss or not the Finals at all. But right now it’s good for everyone to come in every day and want to be here.”

I think, individually, you sacrifice so much of your game, you want to see if you can do some of the things that are called upon you to do, when called upon. It’s not saying, ‘Oh, I’m excited this person left so I can do that.’ It’s more, ‘OK, it’s a challenge,’ and as athletes we not only love challenges, but we need them. Especially if we want to continue to rise. Like I said, I wouldn’t take anything back. Even though there were a lot of moments where everyone wasn’t happy, I wouldn’t take the success back that we had in our four years. It’s just that now, I think it’s great that—everything happens for a reason—and I think right now for this organization and certain individuals that [are[ here, it’s just a good time for it.”

Wade is being honest and that is refreshing. Sometimes when you do something for the betterment of your career, that doesn’t mean it is the most enjoyable thing in the world. Wade needed LeBron, but it meant taking a step back and to an alpha male like Wade, I can see how that wouldn’t be very enjoyable.

Maybe, when his career is over he will appreciate it more and what he does in this last chapter of his career will be interesting to watch.  He is now back being THE MAN in Miami and that is probably why he expects to have more fun. People say a lot of things about Wade, but convincing LeBron to take his talents to South Beach, might be his crowning achievement.

Dwyane Wade Granted Custody of His 12-Year Old Nephew

Dwyane Wade Nephew

Wade has always said he had three boys, his two sons and his nephew (he has a break baby as well). They didn’t need piece of paper to be a family, but now legally Wade has custody of his nephew.

Wade officially gained the custody of his 12-year-old nephew this week, according to Miami-Dade County records.

It’s yet another Gossip Extra scoop: Father of three Wade, 32, was granted a petition for “concurrent custody by extended family” by Judge Barbara Areces, county records show.

In a nutshell: Newlywed Wade and wife Gabrielle Union will be raising 12-year-old Dahveon Morris, along with the child’s mother and Wade’s sister, Deanna Morris.

Dahveon’s biological father is unknown.

D Wade Designs $20k Custom Watch Made From Real Alligator (Photos)

D Wade Alligator Watch

I feel bad for the Alligator but I dig the watch.

Dwyane Wade’s back in the watch game — dropping a brand new $20k timepiece with Hublot … and it’s made with real alligator.

It’s called the Classic Fusion Dwyane Wade — designed with Miami Heat colors — and it includes 18 karat gold parts, sapphire and an alligator strap.

The watch it Wade’s second design with the company — they released one back in 2011.

Very nice, so if anyone wants to lend me $20k, I’d appreciate it.

D Wade Alligator Watch 2

D Wade & Gabby Share Family Wedding Photo; Break Baby Not Included

Dwyane Wade Gabrielle Union

Something like this happened to me when I was kid. I was a little baby, I was a teenager, but still it is sort of weird to see your father taking wedding photos with a lady and you weren’t even invited to the wedding.

I would have been a little awkward to have the break baby at the wedding, so I understand.

Luckily, the break baby isn’t even a year old, so probably won’t have much effect and hopefully Wade, Gabby and the boys all treat their sibling as a member of the family and not an outsider.