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Garrard retired in the summer when he said his knee was giving him a problem, guess the knee feels better now. https://twitter.com/MMehtaNYDN/status/388315394823299072

Realistically the Jets can't keep 100 QBs on the roster. Tebow is already on his way to Jerusalem and Sanchez contract is too hefty...

I'm guessing this is just the first move that will lead to Tim Tebow's exodus from New York. https://twitter.com/nyjets/status/311227083902824448  

The Jets want competition at the quarterback position.  They didn't say how much talent they want in the competition, but they do want competition. After...

Surprised this didn't happen earlier, but when they couldn't trade Matt Moore someone had to go. https://twitter.com/JayGlazer/status/243060511011377154