Ref Tony Corrente Called Someone Mr. 4 Inches in Hot Mic

Tony Corrente curses on mic during game

During a blowout in any sport, typically, whether you’re on the winning or losing end, you just want to get the game over with.

The same goes for referees.

After all, the outcome of the game is meaningless to them, so whenever they’re officiating a blowout, just figure that they want to get the game over with as soon as possible.

At the same time, referees are suppose to be emotionless when calling a game, but don’t tell that to Tony Corrente.

With the Panthers up 38-0 late in the fourth quarter, Panthers backup quarterback, Derek Anderson, just needed to get four inches on fourth down, which would’ve sped up the game. Unfortunately, Anderson was stuffed and Corrente wasn’t happy to say the least.

It’ll be interesting to see what kind of punishment this incident warrants.

Ex-NBA Derek Anderson Shopping Movie About His Life


Former NBA star Derek Anderson had a remarkable life, and now according to TMZ, he feels that it would make for a great Hollywood film. Anderson went to college at Kentucky followed by an 11-year career in the NBA, but prior to that it was a long journey to achieve all he had.

Anderson was homeless before he was even a teenager and had his first child at age 15. He feels that he has a good story to tell and hopes to land a directory like Lee Daniels or Mark Wahlberg. As far as who he thinks would play the role of himself and do it justice, Anderson has some ideas.

“Maybe Jaden Smith could play me from 11-14 and like Mehcad Brooks could play the older version of me. It’s hard to find actors that can play ball and Mehcad can ball.”

Although injuries throughout his career may have hampered Anderson from being a bigger NBA name, Michael Jordan did handpick him to represent the Jordan brand. Anderson is hoping for 2015 release of his movie if all goes well.

Video: Dwight Howard Mocks Derek Anderson’s Post Game Meltdown

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Video: Cardinals QB Derek Anderson Goes Off in Post Game Press Conference

Derek Anderson has parlayed one good year with the Browns into a NFL career where he has made millions of dollars.  If you take away that one year, Derek Anderson has been one of the worst quarterbacks statistically in the history of the National Football League.

While the Cardinals were being blown out by the 49ers, at home and on Monday Night Football, Anderson was caught on camera having a good laugh with one of his offensive lineman. [Read more…]

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Cardinals Trying to Trade Matt Leinart..My Advice Just Retire

When Matt Leinart, Vince Young and Jay Cutler were all drafted within the first 11 picks of the 2006 NFL Draft here is what I said:

“Vince Young is either going to be a superstar or he will flame out won’t be much middle ground, Jay Cutler has the biggest bust potential and Matt Leinart is the safest choice to have a long and solid NFL career.  Leinart is the most pro ready and going to a perfect spot with the Cardinals.”

Jury still out on Young and Cutler, but I was DEAD WRONG on Leinart and unlike a lot of people in sports media I have no problem admitting it. [Read more…]