Derek Fisher: Knicks Can Win 63 Games Next Year If We Want To

Derek Fisher

Derek Fisher been drinking?

I get what he is saying, but slow your roll playboy. Let’s try to get to .500 first.

The Knicks’ head coach said Thursday that the Knicks “will turn around quickly.” When asked about potentially duplicating a dramatic 23-game turnaround like the Milwaukee Bucks (38-40) have done this season, Fisher said the Knicks are capable of something much more stunning.

“I guess that’s possible, but we are not here trying to squeeze in, we are not here trying to go from 15 to 36,” said Fisher, whose Knicks currently have 15 wins. “That’s just not who we are. So it can turn around quickly. It will turn around quickly.

“But we don’t really have to put a number on it,” Fisher continued. “We are 6-21 in games [decided] by six points or less this year. So we lost 21 games on two possessions. So we don’t have go from 15 to 36 next year. We can go from 15 to 63 if we really want to. But that is up to us.”

If the Knicks don’t get 63 wins next year, does that mean they didn’t want to?

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Derek Fisher on Papa John’s: It Doesn’t Taste That Great

Derek Fisher upset with Knicks integrirty

Derek Fisher might as well just get out of his feelings. After a 101-87 lose to the Washington Wizards, Fisher was a little upset about a late game dunk by Rasual Butler. They dunk had no real effect on the game, seeing that Knicks were already down by double digits, but it did help the Wizards reach the 100 points required for all fans in attendance to receive 50% off a Papa John’s Pizza.

The Knicks’ season has been a complete train wreck but there is light at the end of the tunnel, there are only 6 games left in this season for the Knicks and they have a great chance of landing a high lottery pick in the draft, if not the first overall pick.

When asked after the game about the Wizards decision to run up the score to reward the fans with pizza, Fisher shared these thoughts:

The pizza doesn’t taste that great”

We will never know how Fisher truly feels about Papa John’s Pizza, maybe he was caught in the moment and said the first thing that came to mind.

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Derek Fisher Upset Over Wizards Late Dunk for Half-Priced Pizza

Derek fisher

It’s starting to look like Derek Fisher and the New York Knicks wants teams to feel sorry for them. The Knicks entered Friday’s night game versus the Wizards with a 14-61 record with very little expectations to win. Their season has been a complete disappointment from the jump and with just a few games left, it seems as if Derek Fisher is looking for teams to give his Knicks a little slack.

In the last few seconds of the game, the Wizards were in control of the ball with a 99-87 lead but that didn’t stop Rasual Butler from getting in a late emphatic dunk giving the team a 101-87 win over the Knicks activating a half-priced Papa John’s pizza promo for all the fans in attendance.

When asked if the Wizards should have let the finals seconds run off the clock Fisher said:

Some teams run it out. I’ve seen it go both ways. We’re in that position right now but it won’t always be that way. We’ll have those nights we’ll have that choice.”

I personally don’t see an issue with the late score by Butler. First off, the game was over. It doesn’t matter if you lose by 12 or 14 you still lost. Secondly, you can’t be upset with a player for rewarding the fans for coming to the games. Butler was simply showing that he cares about his team’s fans more than he cares about Derek Fisher’s and the New York Knicks’ feelings.

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Fisher Questions Character Of Knicks After 38 Pt Loss

Derek Fisher questions character of team

We all know the New York Knicks are a bad team, but so are the Sacramento Kings. There’s no way New York should lose to them by 38 points, especially at home.

At one point, New York trailed by 44 points. After the game, Derek Fisher had some harsh remarks.

 “It was definitely not the level of character and integrity this group has been showing in recent weeks,’’ coach Derek Fisher said. “That was the most disappointing part. It’s not necessarily losing the game but just the way as a group, we couldn’t find a way to compete.’’

The pain and suffering is almost over Knicks fans.

Derek Fisher Questions Knicks ‘Character’ After 38 Point Loss


The Sacramento Kings are not a good basketball team — but that’s because they play in the west. Put the Kings in the Eastern Conference, and they’d still be playoff contenders — despite sporting a 21-37 record on the season.

Knicks head coach Derek Fisher was less than pleased with the lopsided loss and “questioned his teams character and integrity.”

“It was definitely not the level of character and integrity this group has been showing in recent weeks,’’ coach Derek Fisher said. “That was the most disappointing part. It’s not necessarily losing the game but just the way as a group, we couldn’t find a way to compete.

The Knicks starting five for this ballgame featured Lou Amundson, Cleanthony Early, Andrea Bargnani, Langston Galloway and Tim Hardaway, Jr.

No one in the group scored more than seven points, including Hardaway, while they all combined for 24 in total on 8-of-29 shooting.

Derek Fisher: The Triangle Gives Knicks ‘Options’ In Landing Stars


The New York Knicks have suffered throughout this wretched 82-game season, but life gets better everyday. Carmelo Anthony had his knee repaired and should return in time for a productive training camp.

The Knicks will have a top pick for the first time in years — with Duke center Jahlil Okafor, Kentucky center Karl-Anthony Towns, Ohio State combo guard D’Angelo Russell or point guard Emmanuel Mudiay all staring them in the face.

Depending on what happens in free agency, Okafor or the dynamic Russell make the most sense. Knicks head coach Derek Fisher believes the high draft pick — along with the triangle offense — will make the Knicks frontrunners to land any top star on the market.

“That’s kind of the beauty of the system. You don’t have to build around one position or player,” coach Derek Fisher said after practice in Tarrytown on Monday, when the Knicks prepped for Tuesday’s 7 p.m. Garden game with the Kings. “You actually can find ways to just get the best basketball players that are available to you and utilize all those different skill sets to your advantage.”

None of those stars will be Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant — but Fisher said the system works.

“We’re not looking at our system as if we have to have that prototypical, dominant point guard,” Fisher said. “We don’t have to have the ‘New Era Wilt Chamberlain.’ It’s really just putting together a team that has the right balance. The best players always help that. We have one, and we’ll see what we can do as we go forward.”

This is definitely shaping up to be an interesting summer. Can the Knicks return to relevance in a matter of two warm summer months?

Fisher Forced to Work Around Triangle Offense



Phil Jackson tried to deflect the fact Fisher was forced to work his Triangle Offense saying Fisher was free to adjust the offense as he saw fit. Adjust tends to mean you have to start from a certain point. Derek Fisher was very adamant telling the media how much he isn’t doing Phil Jackson’s Triangle Offense and that he’s adding his own signature that makes it his own.


“I’m not trying to duplicate or carbon copy exactly what he did,” Fisher said. “The same way he didn’t do that to Tex Winter [a Chicago Bulls assistant under Jackson], the same way Tex didn’t do that to the coach and the folks that he developed it from and how he added the innovation and his own ideas. So it’s my job to do that now.”

This came after the media questioned Phil forcing the Triangle Offense onto Derek Fisher. Sure, Fisher get’s to work with around it but the point is that Phil is forcing personnel into a certain type of offense instead of installing an offense that works with your specific personnel. If Fisher is starting from a position that his team has to run a Triangle Offense then you are essentially forcing a certain offense onto him.

Derek Fisher’s INSPIRATIONAL Speech About Shorts in Knicks Huddle (Video)


Derek Fisher means well, and he’s not a yeller or screamer, so there will be times where videos make him look like he doesn’t have a care in the world.

Fisher was trying to inspire his embattled Knicks team to continue to fight, but Fisher it doesn so calmly that it lacks that Oscar winning punch that the media and fans are looking for.

Knicks Fans Chant ‘Fire Fisher’ (Video)


It will get better for the Knicks, but for now, who else’s job can the fan clamor for. Derek Fisher makes the least amount of money between the Knicks big names.

Knicks fans turned their frustration toward the first-year coach by chanting “Fire Fisher!” during the closing seconds of New York’s 95-82 loss to Milwaukee at Madison Square Garden on Sunday.

It was New York’s 11th straight loss, and came without Melo, Amar’e or Iman Shumpert.

Carmelo Getting Closer to Being Shut Down For Season

Carmelo Anthony says his knee has been bothering him since game two

Carmelo is not 100% and Derek Fisher reportedly is saying that Carmelo may have played his last ball for the season.


“From the conversations I’ve been a part of, I think everybody is smart enough to realize, calendar wise, timing wise, that there may come a point that that’s the decision that needs to be made,” Fisher said Friday. “But [we realize] that we can’t force Carmelo to that point just yet.”

Fisher wasn’t done though as he continued.

“We can’t unilaterally just say, ‘Hey, you know, you can’t play for the rest of the season because of A, B and C,'” Fisher said. “I think our medical staff, our training staff, continue to have conversations with him about where he is. He’s conversing with us about how he’s feeling, what the symptoms are. And so as each day kind of unfolds, decisions are being made. It’s not something that we’re just kind of stepping back and saying, ‘Carmelo, you kind of tell us when you don’t feel like playing anymore.'”

Putting it on Carmelo so they don’t get the blame? I don’t know. I rather they just step forward and take the heat off him. The Knicks are in the midst of a throwaway season and have an actual first round pick in next years draft so it would benefit them to be as bad as possible this year. That means putting the most garbage team on the court as possible so the Knicks may decide to keep Anthony out the rest of the year in order to secure a good pick and then use the money they’ll have for more pieces next summer. Makes sense, although I am sure Knick fans are tired of living in a perpetual “Wait til next year” cycle for over a dozen years.