DeSean Jackson’s Home Robbed; Occupants Pistol Whipped

desean jackson

Looks like Desean needs to move to a more secure location in California. His home was burglarized in his absence with someone being injured.

Per TMZ:

It all went down Wednesday morning at Jackson’s home in Tarzana, CA — with law enforcement sources telling us 4 to 5 people stormed the home with guns. 

We’re told the Washington Redskins star was NOT home at the time — but there were roughly 6 people inside who FOUGHT the intruders. 

Law enforcement sources tell us at least one person in the home was pistol-whipped and suffered minor injuries. 

Eventually, the people inside the home fought off the intruders who fled from the scene. 

Cops arrived a short time later and took a report. 

We’re told investigators believe the intruders had been in the home before. Sources connected to the incident tell us the intruders appeared to know exactly where the security cameras were placed. 

Our law enforcement sources tell us cops have leads on some of the suspects — and believe the incident was gang related. 

Not too sure the crowd DeSean hangs around, but I know as a newly father, he will want to control his environment more.


DeSean Jackson Returns to Practice; Optimistic About Facing Falcons


Every team in the NFC East is viewed as a potential division winner after four games. The Redskins are tied for the division lead with the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants despite only having a 2-2 record. The team may be getting a little boost soon from their deep threat and playmaker DeSean Jackson.

It’s good news for the Redskins to have Jackson back in practice and he is optimistic he can play this Sunday.

DeSean Jackson’s presence could play a major role as the team heads to the Georgia Dome to face the undefeated Atlanta Falcons.

HT: BleacherReport

Report: DeSean Jackson Out Sunday vs. Eagles, Possibly Longer


DeSean Jackson, will indeed miss Sunday’s game against the Eagles with a hamstring injury, and possibly a few more weeks.

Jackson injured his hamstring in the Redskins’ season opening loss to the Dolphins and has not played since.

ESPN’s Britt McHenry reports that Jackson is “not even close” for Sunday and could possibly be out longer than expected.

Jackson has caught nine balls for 243 yards and one touchdown in two games against the Eagles.

DeSean Jackson To Miss Few Weeks With Hamstring Strain


The Washington Redskins will be without their best wide receiver for a few weeks after an MRI revealed a hamstring strain for DeSean Jackson.

Jackson left Sundays season opener early after pulling up lame on a deep route.

DeSean Jackson Not Going to Pretend The Redskins are Contenders


The NFL season begins with all 32 teams at 0-0 and all aspiring to win the coveted Lombardi trophy. Well with all the turmoil going on in Washington DC, DeSean Jackson doesn’t seem too optimistic with the Washington Redskins’ season.

In a recent interview with GQ, Jackson gave an honest answer of what he expects of Redskins contending this year.

GQ: Do you feel like you guys will contend this year?

Jackson: [Long silence] Uh…how ’bout I say, uh…Let me see what I can answer to that question.

The Redskins have been in the news with Robert Griffin III in concussion protocols to being demoted to the back up duty, losing his starting quarterback spot to Kirk Cousins. Redskins Head Coach Jay Gruden doesn’t seem to have any momentum from preseason heading into regular season.

Jackson will be needed heavily to assist Cousins in the arial attack if they want to stay relevant in the NFC East division to contend for a NFC Wildcard spot.


DeSean Jackson on IG Speaks on Women Knowing Their Place (Photos)


The Jaccpot CEO is at again, and this Instagram post is sure to bring some Saturday controversy to the often embattled star.

Jackson took to Instagram to put up a post advising women to know their role perse.


Jackson will now have to explain to women what their place is and how it actually corrolates to a position in his life. In general terms, with women more empowered then ever, the comment won’t fly in this day and age.

DeSean Jackson Hurts Shoulder Hitting Blocking Sled


Blocking has never the been strong suit of the Jaccpot CEO, and a sled could keep DeSean Jackson out a few days.

Jackson wasn’t actually trying to block anyone, he just ran into the sled, while finishing a route during one-on-one’s today.

DeSean can’t be getting taken out by sleds, when he has super matchups with Darrelle Revis and others approaching.

DeSean Jackson On Why No One Including Sherman and Revis Can Guard Him


DeSean Jackson is one talented wide receiver, but he’s no where close to being the most talented in the game.

That didn’t stop the Jaccpot CEO from proclaiming that two of the games best defensive backs in the game can’t stop him.

Jackson called Darrelle Revis and Richard Sherman out during a discussion with

“I don’t think no one can guard me,” Jackson said Monday at Washington’s training camp in Richmond, Va., via ESPN. “It’s how I feel about myself. I don’t feel no one can stop me. You can get Darrelle Revis, Richard Sherman — whoever you want to get.”

The Jets host the Redskins on Oct. 18, following a bye week after their trip to London to play the Dolphins.

Jackson made the statement in response to being asked how Chris Culliver challenged him in practice.

DeSean Jackson on How He Easily Spends $5k in the Club (Video)


DeSean Jackson may live to regret this reality show on BET. During the second episode of “DeSean Jackson: Home Team,” — the Jaccpot CEO got a lecture from his sister on his spending habits.

The Redskins wideout loves the night-life.

His sister A’Dreea, trying to figure out how to help her little brother, asked the pro bowler about his spending habits, and what he could have possibly spent $5K on.

Jackson’s response is priceless.


This is going to be good.

H/T: Washington Post