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So, basically the trade between the Bucs and 49ers never happened. https://twitter.com/AlbertBreer/status/359395980107464706

This one slid under the media radar. Wright was arrested for misdemeanor DUI on July 12 and was traded from the Bucs to the 49ers...

49ers took some secondary losses in the offseason, but filling those holes pretty well now. https://twitter.com/TBBuccaneers/status/358315745538621441

Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback Eric Wright was concerned that he might be cut or released after being suspended last season, and having some guaranteed...

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are having some stimulant issues in their secondary. Almost two weeks to the day that they lost cornerback Aquib Talib, Jay...

This is an interception from a game of Madden indeed. Wright's instinct are incredible on this play. Poor Eli. http://youtu.be/oqYgq8AD51Y Video courtesy of The Big Lead