McGregor Celebrates Making the Forbes 100 List (Photos)

McGregor Forbes 100

Conor is hands down the biggest draw in the UFC and it’s made a comfortably rich man over the past few years. So much so, McGregor has now been acknowledged by Forbes as one of their top 100 athletes.

How did Conor celebrate the honor?

Made the Forbes 100 today. Still in the hood. #Dublin12 #Repost @deedevlin1 (via @repostapp) ・・・ Loving life ❤️

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That’s right, by cruising the ‘hoods’ of Dublin in his high priced cars.

McGregor is known to have a flare for the expensive.


Find Out Who Were the 10 Highest Paid WWE Wrestlers of 2015


2016 is off to a rocky start for the WWE and in retrospect most wrestling fans yearn for the action they saw in 2015.

Last year marked a changing in the guard in the WWE and they placed a premium on building new young stars. Forbes’ list of 10 highest paid wrestlers of 2015 reflects those changes but also points out how far the WWE still has to go in elevating new talent.

Dean-Ambrose-Smackdown-11211410. Dean Ambrose – $1.1 million

9. Kane – $1.3 million

8. Big Show – $1.5 million


Cowboys Named Most Valuable Sports Franchise At $4 Billion By Forbes


The Dallas Cowboys are flying high once again, and it’s evident in the economics of sports.

According to Forbes, America’s favorite team has overtaken Real Madrid ($3.26 billion) — to become the most valuable franchise in all of pro sports.

The idea that Jones bought the team in February 1989 from H.R. “Bum” Bright for $140 million is just mind-boggling.

That’s a 1,382 percent jump based on Forbes’ new valuation.

The five most valuable NFL teams are the New England Patriots ($3.2 billion), Washington Redskins ($2.85 billion), New York Giants ($2.8 billion) and San Francisco 49ers ($2.7 billion).

Ronda Rousey’s 2014-2015 UFC Salary Revealed

Ronda Rousey Ex-BF Nudes

Forbes has released their list of the highest paid women in sports over the past year, June 2014-June 2015, and UFC mega-star Ronda Rousey only checks in at #8.

Here’s a breakdown of Rousey’s reported earnings for last year:

“Salary, winnings, appearances, licensing and endorsements” earnings of $6.5 million from June 2014 to June 2015.

Forbes estimated that Rousey drew $3 million in fight earnings and $3.5 million in endorsement earnings over the course of the study.

The top 3 spots on the 2014-2015 highest paid female athletes list belong to women’s tennis players, so while Ronda may be in the top 3 in terms of popularity the fact remains that she is grossly underpaid for what she brings to the UFC.

Lakers Tops Forbes List of NBA’s Most Valuable Franchises at $2.6B

Utah Jazz v Los Angeles Lakers

This wasn’t a secret, but it is very revealing.  I wonder how much the Buss family could score if they put the Lakers up for sell.

Last season, the Los Angeles Lakers were one of only two NBA teams worth $1 billion trailing only the New York Knicks according to the Forbes list. The Knicks fall fron grace over one season had major effect on both franchises net worth.

The Los Angeles Lakers are the NBA’s most valuable franchise, worth $2.6 billion, according to Forbes.

The Los Angeles Lakers lead the way at $2.6 billion, up 93% over last year. The Lakers finished with their second worst record in franchise history at 27-55 last season and are faring even worse this year, but the team has the richest local TV deal in the sport: a 20-year, $4 billion contract with Time Warner that kicked off in 2012.

The NBA signing a new $24 billion TV contract undoubtedly has a lot to do with the rise in worth for these teams.

Forbes Top 10 NFL Overpaid Players; Percy Harvin #1


Harvin is paid like a #1 wide receiver, but doesn’t produce like one. He was a key contributor in the Seahawks Super Bowl win, but beyond that he was a disappointment. Once you add in the locker room issues, I am sure Seattle is regretting the monster contract they gave him.

With that being said, I never liked the term “overpaid”, simply because no one forces owners to pay players. You can say the owners overpaid, but a player can never be overpaid, since no one turns down more money.

Here is the complete Forbes list.

1- Percy Harvin
2- LeSean McCoy
3- Matt Schaub
4- Ndamukong Suh
5- Jamaal Charles
6- Haloti Ngata
7- Cliff Avril
8- Joe Haden
9- Jermaine Gresham
10- Matt Moore

Lebron Overtakes Tiger Woods As Sports Biggest Brand


Despite his injuries and trouble on the golf course, Tiger Woods had a pretty decent year brand wise, raking in $36 million in endorsements.

According to Forbes, LeBron James has the top sports brand around that is worth $37 million.  Forbes blamed Tiger’s fall on the fact that EA Sports is no longer making its Tiger Woods golf video game.

The formula for calculating the sports brands is endorsement income, less the average endorsement income of top 10 athletes in same the sport.

Here are the top 10 brands-

 The top 10 biggest athlete brands in world sport and their value in 2014:
1. LeBron James – $US 37 million ($42 million)
2. Tiger Woods -$US 36 million ($41 million)
3. Roger Federer – $US 32 million ($36 million)
4. Phil Mickelson – $US 29 million ($33 million)
5. Mahendra Singh Dhoni – $US 20 million ($23 million)
6. Usain Bolt – $US 19 million ($22 million)
7. Cristiano Ronaldo – $US 17 million ($19 million)
8. Kobe Bryant – $US 15 million ($17 million)
9. Lionel Messi – $US 12 million ($14 million)
10. Rafael Nadal – $US 10 million ($11 million)


Cowboys Are NFL’s Most Valuable Franchise at $3.2B

Jerry Jones

Can we call this the Steve Ballmer effect?

Forbes has ranked the most valuable NFL franchises and it is no surprise that the Cowboys came in at number one:

The Redskins always being so high always surprises me though. Just imagine if the Cowboys actually won?

Check out the full list at Forbes.

Forbes Names LeBron 2nd Most Powerful Celebrity

LeBron James June 2014

LeBron James in powerful in the sports world, but he is just as powerful outside of sports too.

Forbes has listed LeBron James as the 2nd most powerful celebrity outside of Beyonce in its Celebrity 100 list. James is an instant lightning rod for conversation and here is what the magazine had to say about the 2 time NBA champion:

Back-to-back championships and four MVP awards have made LeBron James the king of the NBA. James is the NBA’s biggest endorsement star, thanks to deals with Nike, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Upper Deck and others. Sales of his signature Nike shoes were tops among active players at $300 million in the U.S. during 2013, according to research firm SportsOneSource, and his jersey was the NBA’s best-seller. James’ earnings also got a boost from the sale of Beats to Apple for $3 billion. James owned a small piece of the business and helped make the brand a must-have accessory by outfitting the 2008 U.S. Olympic basketball team in Beijing in the high-priced headphones.

I figured LeBron would rate highly but not above Oprah and Steven Spielberg. At this point though, James is about his brand and becoming that next billionare athlete. He looks to be well on his way.

Since she was number one, here is a picture of Beyonce:


NBA Teams Value In Wake Of Clippers Sale (Photo)


Dollar Sign, Luck

Money makes our pretty world go round and when the Clippers went for $2 Billion, people everywhere cleaned their ears… The Clippers went for T-W-O B-I-L-L-I-O-N Dollars? Are we sure?  Yes and fans weren’t the only ones perplexed with this, financial advisors and reports were as well. The Knicks were thought to be the ones with the hefty price tag of being worth $1.4B but former Microsoft CEO Ballmer proved us otherwise. With the Clippers being sold for that price, what does that say about other teams? Well, our smart friends over at Forbes decided to do the hard work for us and created a chart to show what each team is worth according to the Clippers.

NBA VALUE,LuckThe teams looked like to have doubled, if we are going by accordance to the Bucks being recently sold for around $550M.  According to this chart, how much is your team worth?