Roy Jones Jr and Bernard Hopkins Should Do Us All a Favor and Retire

My favorite show of all time is “24” (actually it is tied with The Simpsons).  I have not missed an episode since Jack Bauer first stepped into CTU.

When news came down that they weren’t renewing the show for a 9th season, there was outrage and disbelief from loyal fans of the show.  No one wanted the show to end, ever.

If you are a “24” fan you aren’t just a causal watcher; you are emotionally connected to the show. I felt their pain and, while I shared their grief, there was something very calming to me about the impending cancellation.

I will definitely miss Jack Bauer but the last thing I wanted to see was a sixty year old Jack trying to save the United States for a 15th time.  With a conceptual show like “24” where you have to suspend your disbelief to a degree, once it gets to the point that you are wondering to yourself if Jack should be collecting social security, it means the show has been on for too long.

I much prefer “24” leaves a season too soon than a season too late.

This brings us to Roy Jones, Jr. and Bernard Hopkins who fought tonight with about 17 people in stands.  Two living legends fighting in one of the worst fights I have ever seen. [Read more…]