Miami Fires Head Coach Al Golden

al golden sad

After an embarrassing loss to Clemson yesterday the University of Miami has decided to fire their head coach Al Golden.

“Coach Golden has led our program through some very difficult times and he has done so with class, integrity and a true desire to see our students succeed on the field, in the classroom and in the community.” James said. “However, we have a proud tradition of excellence at Miami, not just in football but in all sports, and we want to compete for ACC and national championships. I simply believe that now is the time to bring the Hurricane Family together and rally behind our young men.”

Miami is still a prestigious program that will be looking to bring in a high profile coach to turn around the team.

Becky Hammon Leads Spurs to Summer League Championship

Becky hammon Spurs Summer League

The San Antonio Spurs signed the best available free agent this offseason, LaMarcus Aldridge, and re-signed former NBA Finals MVP Kahwi Leonard as well. That would be enough for most organizations but the Spurs want to be champions in on and off the court.

On Monday the Spurs added two major accomplishments to their offseason resume.

The Spurs summer league squad captured the Las Vegas championship by a score of 93-90 over the Phoenix Suns. Summer League MVP Kyle Anderson paced the squad with 15 pts but in true Spurs fashion two bench players led the team in scoring and to the title.

Jonathan Simmons had 23 points and Treveon Graham added 22 off of the bench for the champs. In true Spurs form they won the title by using a team mentality and an unselfish brand of basketball.

Even more amazing than their title win was the coach that led them there. Head coach Becky Hammon is the first woman to win a NBA summer league championship and last season she became the first female assistant coach in NBA history. The Spurs and Coach Popovich have always been progressive and this is just the latest example. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Hammon as head coach of a NBA team in the next few seasons. She obviously has what it takes to lead a group of men and command their respect.

The Spurs will enter the season as the favorites to reach the NBA Finals in the Western Conference and this may prove to be just the beginning of a magical season.

Report: Kings Pursuing George Karl As Head Coach

Orlando Magic v Denver Nuggets

The Sacremento Bee is reporting that the Kings are looking to make George Karl their next head coach.

While a change is not imminent, multiple sources told The Bee late Friday that the combination of Karl’s innovative coaching and immediate availability has won over team officials who weeks ago expressed concern about a possible personality clash with All-Star center DeMarcus Cousins.

The overriding factor at this point appears to be financial: Karl would command an annual salary upwards of $4 million, a major potential sticking point given that the Kings will continue to pay Malone through the 2015-16 season. Additionally, teams with more attractive rosters are expected to have coaching vacancies at the end of the year, and Karl, who maintains a high profile partly owing to his ESPN appearances, is thought to be heavily pursued.

Karl would be a good offensive fit for the Kings but he hasn’t been known as the greatest defensive coach. We’ll see if he is the guy to finally get the most out of this talented Kings team.

Dan Quinn Agrees To 5 Year Deal As Falcons Head Coach

Dan Quinn, LuckNot all was a loss Sunday night as the Seahawks were defeated by the Patriots. It has been reported that defensive coordinator, Dan Quinn, will be the Atlanta Falcons new head coach. Quinn is said to be headed to Atlanta this morning.

The Falcons are expected to introduce Quinn as their head coach formally Tuesday.


Bill Cowher Says He’s Not Returning to Coaching Right Now

Bill Cowher

Anyone who was holding out hope for their coach-less NFL team having a chance to land CBS analyst and former Pittsburgh Steelers head man Bill Cowher, can officially go ahead and move on to other options.

In an interview with Sirius XM NFL Radio, Cowher put any rumors he’d be returning to the sidelines to rest, despite some reports that he was one of the more sought after candidates:

“It does get your blood going, but no I’m in a really good place,” Cowher said. “I really enjoy my job with CBS. It’s good. I’m in a good place. You’re not going to see me on the sidelines. I enjoy it, you miss it, but not enough to get back.”

I imagine even with a passion for coaching, it’d be hard to leave a nice, cushy, well-paid job at CBS. Especially when Cowher has expressed his desire to spend more time with his family many times before. So, until next season; it looks like his name is out of this conversation.

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Report: Bills Considering Promoting Jim Schwartz to HC

Jim Schwartz

The 2014 Buffalo Bills had one of the best defenses in the NFL, and it appears that could be a huge reason for defensive coordinator, Jim Schwartz to be taken into consideration for the vacant head coaching position.

According to Buffalo News reporter, Tim Graham; Schwartz has been named as an official candidate for the job:

The news should come as no surprise. Schwartz was semi-successful as head coach for the Detroit Lions, only making the post-season once in five seasons, but building a pretty talented team from literally the bottom up.

The Bills would be smart not to jump the gun on Schwartz. Yes, the Bills defense was superb in 2014, but they have a rare opportunity to pursue many young, innovative-thinking coaches and make a sound decision after careful consideration. That seems more appealing than an NFL retread. The should allow him to flourish as defensive coordinator and continue the job he’s doing, OR if some other team wants to give him a shot at the helm, allow him to pursue the opportunity.

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Manny Pacquiao Named Head Coach Of Filipino Basketball Team

Manny Pacquiao

It appears Filipino boxing superstar, Manny Pacquiao is going to give coaching basketball a try.

On Monday, he was introduced as the new head coach of the “Kia Kamao”; an expansion team sponsored by Kia Motors in the Philippine Basketball Association.

According to‘s Dino Maragay, Pacquiao has already begun to put his coaching staff together as well, selecting former PBA star, Glen Capacio as his assistant.

Building an expansion team is not a part-time job. Assumably, Pacquiao will have to be directly involved with staff & player selection, and being the HEAD coach; will need to prepare his squad for the regular season, which begins in October. His next fight is scheduled for November.

It will truly be interesting to watch this situation and see how Pac Man divvies up his time. This is presumably a lot to do and we all only get 24 hours in a day.

Why the Lakers Might Need Calipari even if they Don’t Want Him

John Calipari

Twitter was sent into quite a frenzy last night when former Kentucky player and current NBA exec Rex Chapman shared these tweets with his timeline.

To their credit, both Calipari and the Lakers were quick to dismiss the rumor.

“I spoke to [General Manager] Mitch Kupchak and he said the rumor is untrue,” Lakers spokesman John Black said. “Mike D’Antoni is our coach. There have been no conversations about any specific names for any replacement.”

“The Lakers have a coach,” Calipari said after a 60-54 loss to Connecticut in the national title game. “Kentucky has a basketball coach. I got the best job in the country. I’m not going to even dignify that stuff.”

Now we all know coaches would never lie about jobs, right? If someone says they’re staying, they’re staying. Just ask Nick Saban and the Miami Do….. oh. Wait.

Regardless, I’m not here to defend the report’s validity but more so to consider the move itself if it actually did take place. I’ve seen numerous opinions dismiss the notion that Calipari could succeed at the next level. I guess I’m just asking…. why not?

Calipari has never gotten enough credit for the job he does at Kentucky year in and year out, completely overhauling the roster and getting numerous 5 star recruits to buy into his system. I think most of it is the fact that Calipari always gets the best players, but I think forming a cohesive unit out of that much talent consistently places him among college basketball’s best coaches. He has an innate ability to make multiple big names and strong personalities work out in the same sense as another head coach who used to roam the Los Angeles sidelines did…

For those who argue that from an X’s and O’x standpoint Calipari doesn’t measure up, I would be quick to point out that the NBA game is much more free flowing than the college game ever has been. Not that head coaching matters less, I think it’s just a lot less hands off than what you watch when you see Duke-North Carolina play. Also let’s remember, Calipari has not always gotten 5 star recruits with ease. He took a Umass team to the Final 4 (later vacated) and if that doesn’t indicate that the head coach knows what he’s doing at the very least, I’m not sure what does.

Let’s also make it clear just what franchise we’re talking about here. The Lakers. LA. Los Angeles. Flashy is just what they do. While all personnel decisions should be made with the best on the court product as THE priority… you can’t tell me this isn’t exactly the type of move that would make the Lakers extremely relevant again. In terms of front pages AND potential landing spots for free agents.

As far as how John would mesh with Kobe Bryant? I think they would have one extremely important thing in common from the get-go. Desire to win. And desire to win fast. Calipari resides at Kentucky, where anything short of a national championship is considered a disappointment (no seriously, I saw UK fans taking shots at him just last night on Twitter). If there’s anybody who knows pressure and embraces it… it’s John. The funny thing is, I can say the same exact thing about Kobe.

Again this all could be a rumor and have no chance at happening. If so I just wrote 500 words for nothing really. But if there is any chance of this happening… Calipari just might be everything the Lakers are looking for.

Report: Lions Expected to Interview Lovie Smith

Lovie Smith

The Detroit Lions are doing their due diligence for their current head coaching vacancy and apparently could be looking at someone who spent many years coaching against them in the NFC North.

Lovie Smith should still be coaching in Chicago as far as I’m concerned, so this would be a great hire in my own personal opinion. Not to mention, he took Rex Grossman to a Super Bowl.