Saints Jairus byrd Out For Remainder Of Season


The New Orleans Saints received some terrible news when star safety Jairus Byrd was injured on a non-contact drill during practice.

Byrd will miss the remainder of the season with a torn lateral meniscus.

Saints Jairus Byrd Misses OTAs After Back Surgery


New Orleans Saints safety Jairus Byrd had surgery on Thursday, and as a result, was absent from practice. According to, Saints coach Sean Payton told media that the procedure was optional and he expected him back by training camp.

“He’s having a surgical procedure on his back for a disk,” Payton said via “It’s been asymptomatic but it’s something we wanted to do, and he as well, to alleviate any issues coming in the fall. He’ll be back here in a week.”

Saints Sign Jairus Byrd to a 6-Year $54 Million ($28 Mil Guaranteed) Deal


An upgrade from Malcolm Jenkins.

Report: Bills Now Open To Trading S Jairus Byrd

Philadelphia Eagles v Buffalo Bills

Well it seems the Buffalo Bills have had enough of pro bowl safety Jairus Byrd and his theatrics.

Adam Schefter is reporting that Buffalo is now open to dealing Byrd for the right price.

Byrd, who signed his franchise tender and agreed to play this season for $6.916 million, is trying to orchestrate a trade out of Buffalo for months now.

Chip Kelly’s on line 1.

Report: Jairus Byrd Trying To Get The Bills To Trade Him


Bills safety Jairus Byrd is fed up, and wants out of Buffalo now.

Byrd, who signed his franchise tender and agreed to play this season for $6.916 million, is trying to orchestrate a trade out of Buffalo, according to the Buffalo News.

It’s not clear exactly what Byrd and his agent are doing to try to get traded, and it’s also not clear whether any teams are interested in giving up anything of value to acquire him.

A team that acquires Byrd would have to give him a long-term contract next year, and it’s unlikely that any team would only trade for Byrd unless it were confident it could get a long-term deal done with him in March, when he becomes a free agent again.

The NFL trade deadline is Oct. 29, after the eighth week of the regular season.

Warren Sapp To Bills S Jairus Byrd: “Go To Work And Earn New Contract”


Buffalo Bills safety Jairus Byrd wants to be paid like the top safety in the game.  The Buffalo Bills have a number, it’s just not the same number Byrd has in mind.

Byrd and the Bills failed to agree to a long term deal on Monday, and it could lead to contract squabble all season.

Former Buccaneers great and soon to be Hall of Fame inductee Warren Sapp has a totally different outlook on Byrd’s plight, and as he told NFL Access, Sapp thinks Byrd should shut up, “go to work, and earn his new deal.”

“It’s about what the team deems you worthy of being paid,” Sapp said. “Sign your tender, go back to work and earn it like your rookie year when you came into the league and you went to the Pro Bowl. That’s what you do. Whenever somebody questions your play on the football field, you go out on the football field and you show it.”

Sapp stated that maybe Byrd simply hasn’t done enough for the Bills liking.

“I question him because you’ve been there the whole time with Buffalo, and if Buffalo doesn’t see you as an asset as far as their franchise player and the guy they want to put as their safety, (that says something),” Sapp continued. “If the team that watches you practice and play every day doesn’t deem you the best safety in the game, then you might want to look at yourself.”