Jameis Winston Disciplinary Hearing Set For Week Of Nov. 17


The disciplinary hearing for Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston has been set for the week of Nov. 17, the lawyer for the accuser told USA Today.

The hearing will determine whether Winston violated the school’s student conduct code.

Winston was accused of sexual assault against the accuser in December 2012, but no charges were filed. the state’s attorney announced that it was opening an investigation into the accusation in November 2013.

The investigation was completed, and no charges were filed.

Florida State will play against Miami and Boston College before that date.

Jameis Winston Allegedly Screaming “F*ck Her Right In Her P*ssy”


We have to throw the word allegedly around a lot these days because it can be hard to confirm a story, but if Jameis Winston did in fact pull of these shenanigans, then FSU truly has more than an immature Heisman winner on their hands.

According to Deadspin via several Florida State students who allegedly saw him, Winston stood on a table and yelled “f*ck her right in the p*ssy” on campus today.  

For those unaware, like myself, “F*ck her right in the p*ssy” was a fake video that turned into a meme.  

Either all of these people are telling the same lie, or the reigning Heisman winner really is socially unaware and simply has no clue or filter.


Jameis Winston’s Accuser Asks Florida Governor to Review Her Case

jameis winston

I am little confused by Jameis Winston’s accuser. For the long period of time she didn’t want to fully cooperate and stated she just wanted to move on with her life, but ever since Jameis was cleared, there has been a full court press to get the case looked at.

I believe the Tallahassee PD could have handled the case better, but the accuser also could been a lot more forthcoming and pressed the issue, if she thought they weren’t doing their job.

Instead it just appears they are trying to capitalized off the attention of the case.

The accuser’s attorney, Patricia Carroll, tells us … her client fired off several letters to various officials, including the FL Attorney General, the Federal Dept. of Law Enforcement and Gov. Rick Scott asking for them to help make sure the PD is properly investigated.

It should be noted that we aren’t blaming the victim because Jameis was never charged with a crime, just accused of one.

I wouldn’t mind the Tallashasee PD being investigated to make sure they are following the right procedures, but Winston’s name shouldn’t be dragged in the mud because of whatever mistakes they made.

Jameis Winston Accuser Lawyer Says FSU Teammate Destroyed Evidence


According to TMZ, the attorney to Jameis Winston’s accuser, Patricia Carroll, is also accusing Winston’s teammate on purposely destroying crucial evidence to the case. Carroll states that FSU teammate Chris Casher told investigators that he videotaped parts of the sexual encounter between Winston and the accuser and then deleted it.

Carroll states that the law condemns recording someone who isn’t aware that they’re being recorded, and that Casher also violated the law when he destroyed the video, since it would be destruction of evidence. Carroll is demanding the Florida Attorney General do an independent investigation, since she is of the belief that justice was not served for her client. There has been no comment from the Attorney General on Carroll’s demands.

Jameis Winston Accuser Lawyer Says Cops Never Tested Blood for Rape Drugs


Jameis Winston’s accuser’s family had a press conference at 10am this morning. According to TMZ her attorney, Patricia Carroll, spoke for the family and completely trashed the State Attorney, Willie Meggs, and the Tallahassee Police Department. Carroll wants the Florida Attorney General, Pam Bondi, to conduct an independent investigation of how Mr. Meggs handled the case, as well as TPD. Carroll states:

“If this doesn’t strongly ring as an investigation of a rape victim, instead of a rape suspect … then I don’t know what it is.”

Carroll alleges that key witnesses were not interviewed and that the accuser’s blood was never tested for any date rape drugs. She also states that medical records showing that the accuser had several injuries from the incident and had to get prescription pain medication to alleviate her pain.

There hasn’t been any indication from the Attorney General if there will be an independent investigation as of yet.

Records showing that the accuser had several injuries from the incident and had to get prescription pain medication to alleviate her pain.

There hasn’t been any indication from the Attorney General if there will be an independent investigation as of yet.

Jameis Winston Accuser Says She Identified Him in Class After Rape


Jameis Winston may have been cleared of the sexual assault allegations brought against him by a female FSU student, but his accuser is standing firm by her story according to TMZ. The accuser says at the time that the incident occurred in December 2012 she knew he was an FSU football player but had no idea what his name was.

Last month one of her close friends, Monique Kessler, gave her testimony under oath to authorities about how everything unfolded.

“[The accuser] went to one of her classes and she made direct eye contact with [Jameis], and he looked in shock, and so did she.”

“She said she just knew right then it was him – and listened for them to call roll in class. [She] listened to him say [his name].

According to Kessler, when the accuser recognized who he was and found out his name, she then reported it to the authorities at TPD.  The charges against Winston were dismissed for lack of evidence, but the family of the accuser will be having a press conference this morning.

Jameis Winston’s Accuser Family on Press Conference: “It’s Going to Be Good”


Originally, the accuser said she wanted to get on with her life, she wasn’t trying to make any money off this and didn’t want it to become a sideshow.

But, by scheduling a press conference the day before the Heisman Trophy presentation and saying things like this, it makes you wonder, do they really care about the truth coming our or 15 minutes of fame?

If they want to call out the investigation or the State Attorney for joking around during their press conference that is fine.

But, if they are going to accuse Jameis of being a rapist, they better have some tangible evidence to prove their case.

Jameis Winston Accuser’s Family Will Speak Before Heisman Trophy Presentation


The question begs what is the reason for the press conference, which happens to be the day before the Heisman Trophy presentation?

Personally, I don’t like the way the case was handled from the beginning and some of the actions by Winston’s attorney and the State Attorney were questionable at best.

With that being said, Winston is presumed innocent and if we just start assuming everyone is guilty just because someone said so, that is a slippery slope to start going down.

It doesn’t mean the accuser is lying, it just means we can’t just blankly assume she is telling the truth, without some factual evidence.

Jameis Winston’s Alleged Accuser Erica Kinsman (Photos)

Erica Kinsman Jameis Winston Accuser

This is Jameis Winston alleged accuser Erica Kinsman (on the left). According to Owens’ sources she is the woman who accused Winston of rape.

Winston won’t be charged after it was found there were two DNA profile found on her panties and conflicting statements about the night she was allegedly raped.