Jerry Rice Living Up to GOAT Status; Gives Shirtless Lap Dance (Video)


Jerry Rice loves to put on a show at the American Century Celebrity golf tourney in Lake Tahoe — as he once again went shirtless to please the ladies.

Last year it was Rice and a bikini clad young lady — this time Rice used his assistant as a prop — giving her a lap dance to 50 Cent’s In The Club and an E-40 it.

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Jerry Rice Reminds Barkley That He Doesn’t Have Any Rings (Video)


Jerry Rice is tired of Charles Barkley bashing the Golden State Warriors — so the Bay Area playfully stepped to Chuck at event — reminding the NBA Hall of Famer that he doesn’t have “any championship rings,” to speak on.

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Will 49ers Fans Recognize Jerry Rice as Undercover Lyft Driver? (Video)


Jerry rice

I’m always asking myself “how did they pull that off” when well-known athletes or celebrities go undercover. Hall of Famer Jerry Rice was the face of the San Francisco for many years and is one of the best wide receivers the NFL has ever seen. Everyone knows his name and you would think at least most people in the area would know his face which doesn’t appear to be the case. Rice teamed up with Lyft by serving as a driver, the interesting part is that he went as an undercover named “J” and was unrecognized by his passengers.

One of the passengers claimed to be a die-hard 49ers fan, how could be possibly not know that Jerry Rice was his driver? I could close my eyes and just listen to the video and know it was Jerry Rice.Jerry rice

Jerry Rice Admitted to Using Stickum, But Doesn’t Want to Talk About It


Hall of Famer Jerry Rice admitted to using Stickum while in the league. Rice defended his using Stickum saying he didn’t know it was illegal. Going even further to say that it was common practice throughout the league to use Stickum. Now it seems as if Jerry is sick of talking about Stickum.

If this was baseball it would be congressional grand juries being held to discuss Stickum. But its football and football fans have shown that they care about the finish product not the details.

Jameis Winston Dreams of Hall of Fame Connection with Mike Evans

Jameis Winston Fantasy Football

Jameis Winston’s NFL preseason debut didn’t go as well as planned. In a losing effort, Winston completed 9 of his 19 passes for 131 yards, with a large chunk of that being a 40-yard pass to Vincent Jackson and had one interception. Winston admits that things didn’t go as planned but wants the fans to know they have nothing to worry about.

Fans, please don’t panic about one half of football. Please, there’s no reason to. We did some great things and were doing go build on that positives.”

If that wasn’t enough to put the fans at ease, Winston shared that he dreams his connection with Mike Evans would be similar to that of Joe Montana and Jerry Rice.

I’m a big dreamer and I always tell Mike, ‘Mike: Joe Montana, Jerry Rice,’ just things like that, building our heads up,” said Winston. “They were one of the best duos of all time. But I love this game of football so much, so I try to relate me and a great receiver like him to other players that have done it before …”

I love Winston’s confidence and leadership but he might want to pump his breaks a little. You can’t just walk around throwing around names like Montana and Rice. Let your play on the field speak for you or you could end up like Robert Griffin III who continues to dig a hole for himself by raising the bar with his words and not with his play.

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Jerry Rice Seems Confused On How to Do The Carlton Dance (Video)

jerry Rice

A few celebrities and former athletes got together this weekend for the American Century Championship. The event was going as planned until Jerry Rice decided to show off his dance moves. After an amazing swing, Alfonso Ribeiro stepped back to admire his work. He and Justin Timberlake decided to celebrate with the actors signature Carlton Banks dance. Jerry Rice, runner-up in Season 2 of  “Dancing with the Stars,” refused to be out done as he decided to join in although things didn’t go as planned.

I’m not sure at all what Jerry Rice calls this two-step but like his career it should be retired. This will be a memorable moment of Rice’s legacy for all the wrong reasons.

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Steve Smith Says He Won’t Play Into His 40s


Despite the fact that he’s 36-years-old and pushing 40, Steve Smith has no plans on pulling a Jerry Rice.   The Hall of Famer was still trying to secure roster spots well past his prime.

Smith told the Baltimore Sun that he’s just not built for trying to play into his 40’s.

“Jerry Rice is obviously the greatest wide receiver to ever play, and I really don’t have the family structure to chase 40, to be honest,” Smith said, per The Baltimore Sun. “I have got a lot of things on my to-do list that don’t have anything to do with football. I’m going to take it day-by-day, but I will not be playing until I’m 40.”

Smith said he knew he’d be returning for a 15th season immediately after the Ravens season ended.

“I left here knowing what my plans were,” Smith said Thursday, joking that he still looks “halfway decent” on the field.

Michael Irvin Denies Using Illegal Substance Stickum

michael irvin, luck

Michael Irvin is the next former WR who is refuting the claims of using stickum.

The conversation was started by Hall of Famer WR, Jerry Rice, who during the Super Bowl, stated all WRs used it during his day. The admission didn’t sit well with too many people because, well… Rice has been commenting on the cheating allegations of the Patriots and that’s kind of being a hypocrite. Since then, Rice apologized and lead on that all players did it; thats where things got tricky.

First, Cris Carter stated he had nothing to do with the illegal substance and now Michael Irvin is doing the same thing.

“It’s almost like — and I hate to get this harsh — if Aaron Hernandez starts saying ‘Well, Michael murdered some people,’ don’t start asking me did I murder somebody,” Irvin continued. “You know darn well I didn’t murder anybody. Just because somebody threw it out there — leave me alone with that mess. Get off my Twitter with that.”

It was wrong for Rice to throw everyone under the bus with him. He should’ve taken full responsibility and just apologized for the incident. Dragging your colleagues with you wasn’t necessary.

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Jerry Rice Admits to Cheating, Then Calls Pats Cheaters

Jerry Rice

I’m no genius or anything remotely close to it, but if I am going to admit to breaking to rules I am not going to stand up and call other people cheaters as well.

Jerry Rice is hands down the best receiver to ever lace up a pair of cleats, but in a recent interview he admitted to using the banned substance called stickum during his playing days.

Rice appeared in a video published Jan. 17 on ESPN about “The Evolution of Gloves” in football. In one clip shown in the video, Rice says he used stickum.

“I know this might be a little illegal, guys, but you put a little spray, a little stickum on them, to make sure that texture is a little sticky,” Rice said with a laugh about how he used the substance when playing.

Stickum was banned by the NFL in 1981.

Not too long after that Rice sent a tweet out calling out the New England Patriots about deflating footballs during the AFC title game.

C’Mon Jerry. You would have been better off keeping your comments to yourself after saying you used stickum back in the day. Very hypocritical on Rice’s part.

Jerry Rice: No Chance Revis, Sherman or Peterson Could Cover Me (Video)

Jerry Rice

Jerry Rice is considered the greatest wide receiver to ever play the game, so he can say anything he wants.

Rice was asked by Bleacher Report if any of todays top cornerbacks could cover him during his prime.  The Hall of famer of course, said Darrelle Revis, Richard Sherman and Patrick Peterson would have no shot against him.

Rice said all three would give him a battle, but none of them could cover him.