Report: Cavs Intend on Keeping JR Smith and DELLY

Cavs want to keep Delly and Jr Smith

With the addition of Mo Williams, some may assume the end is near for Matthew Dellavedova and maybe even J.R. Smith.

Well, not so fast.

Adding to it?

Joe Johnson or Jamal Crawford may be on the horizon.

JR Smith Rolls Out Of Arena After Finals Loss (Video)

JR SMith Segway NBA Finals

JR Smith will probably use his remote control scooter contraption to roll out of the arena and straight into the VIP of some Cleveland club.

Smith and other Cavs players just now have to sit and wait. They have to hope LeBron James wants them back next year for yet another championship run.

Twitter Reacts to JR Smith’s Sleepy Halftime Face

JR Smith Sleepy

JR Smith should’ve known the camera was watching him daydream. Oh well…here comes Twitter.

JR Smith Speaks on Warriors “Non-Shooters” Making Shots


JR doesn’t’ seem to be overly concern about the Warriors small ball approach. JR believes it was just of the Warriors role players making shots.

“Honestly, I don’t really think it did much,” Smith said. “They got a few cherry picks where we didn’t get back on defense. But other than that, they just made shots. Their non-shooters just made shots.”

JR will have to make more of his shots if the Cavs are to have a shot.  Lot of shots I know.

H/T CBS Sports

JR Smith Says He’s Playing Like “Horsesh*t”


Despite being a vital key to Cleveland’s success up unto this point, JR Smith has been a no show in the finals to say the least.

The former 6th man of the year is shooting a woeful 29%.

Q: You aren’t shooting the way you want to throughout The Finals. How can you change that?

Smith: Stop thinking so much and just go out there and play. Be more than just a shooter, go out there and defend, rebound and create plays for everyone else. …

Q: How would you assess your own game right now?

Smith: Horses—.

Hopefully for the Cavs, Smith is able to get things going faster rather than later.

Caption The Video: JR Smith ‘Smoothly’ Rolls Into Game 4 On Segway


Just JR Smith being JR, and he seemed to channel his ‘Marty McFly.’

Smith — while jazzing the “Back To The Future” look up some, got everyone’s attention as he floated into the Q Arena on some type of futuristic looking hoverboard/segway.

Sad thing about it — JR’s arrival lends no clue to how well he’ll perform tonight. He could shoot the lights out, or stink it up.

Caption the Photos: Shumpert and JR Smith’s Style to Game 3


It seems like Iman Shumpert and JR Smith are doing better off the court when it comes to style than they are on the court with performance in the NBA Finals so far.

Check out what both Cavaliers teammates wore to Game 3 tonight:

JR Smith Answered What’s His Favorite Dinosaur at Media Day

JR Smith eats chicken with Cavs fans

JR Smith’s immediate feelings in regards to these questions must’ve been annoyed.

During Media Day for the NBA Finals, it’s a great opportunity to get to speak to certain players and ask away. In other words, you’re picking at their brain. JR Smith probably didn’t expect to get asked this question.

Smith’s favorite dinosaur is a crucial question. I’m glad someone asked it.

Caption the Photo: JR Smith Unique Stretching Style


Jr smith

The NBA Finals are just one day away and as a fan I can’t wait. I think this will be one of the more interesting Finals matchup in recent years. We know LeBron and Steph Curry will be ready to play and not be overwhelmed by the moment but we can’t forget about J.R. Smith. Based off this photo taken during practice today, J.R. will be ready to do what he does best, shoot the ball.

While the rest of the team were stretching, J.R. thought it was best to make sure his shooting stoke was still up to par after a long flight from Cleveland to Oakland. I’m sure LeBron is looking on thinking how important J.R. will play in the Finals and how his shooting will be needed.