Marcus Vick Blames Latest Arrest On Racial Profiling


Marcus Vick, the brother of Eagles quarterback Michael Vick was arrested over the weekend after being pulled over in a white Lexus.

He was arrested on charges of driving under the influence of drugs, driving without a license and driving with an expired registration.  Marcus of course takes every arrest with a grain of salt, and calmly took to Twitter to chalk this arrest up to racial profiling.

Yea that’s what it was Marcus.  That big body Lexus with no legal registration.

They had to have known it was you.



Marcus Vick Arrested…..Again

bso marcus vick sentenced to jail

At last count Marcus Vick had been arrested 19 times since he was a teenager, so this would make 20. According to TMZ, the younger Vick was pulled over in Georgia at 2:30am for expired tags, smoking weed and DUI.

Marcus was driving a 2013 Lexus LX570  given to him by Michael Vick.

Marcus Vick Agrees That Nicks Foles Should Start Over His Brother


Something weird is going on with the Vick boys.

First Michael Vick displayed a ton of class when he admitted that Nick Foles is playing to well right now to not remain the Eagles starting quarterback.

Now according to Pro Football Zone, young Marcus agrees with his brothers assessment.  Simply put, Marcus said “numbers never lie.”


Marcus Vick Puts Out a $1k Bounty on Riley Cooper

bso marcus vick sentenced to jail

It is unlikely Marcus Vick even has a $1k that wasn’t given to him by Michael Vick.

Mike Vick is trying to keep his roster spot and he certainly doesn’t need Marcus Vick doing things like this.

Marcus Vick

Marcus is just the screw up little brother, always have been, always will be.  Don’t ask me why, but Marcus has a publicist and she is dumb as he is.

Marcus Vick 2

As you can imagine Michael Vick was not pleased.

Marcus Vick Wanted By Police Again, But Has Time To Tweet Kerry Rhodes is a “Fruit Tart”

bso marcus vick sentenced to jail

Marcus Vick has missed like 200 court appearance and has had 200 arrest warrants issued for him, but somehow, someway, he has time Tweet.

The cops just might give up at this point.

Vick is in the news at the moment because, according to the Roanoke Times, he failed to appear for another court hearing in Montgomery County, Virginia, and a judge issued a warrant for his arrest. Vick has skipped multiple court dates over his failure to pay the $40,000 he promised to a woman who sued him in 2008.

Here is what Marcus said on Twitter.

Marcus Vick

Vick is referring to Kerry Rhodes being exposed by his gay lover Russell “Hollywood” Wilson. Marcus Vick has won the worst brother of the year award 10 years in a row.

Marcus Vick Says Fat Boy Tweet Wasn’t Aimed At Andy Reid

Yesterday we reported that Sunday while the Eagles were getting dominated, Marcus Vick was on twitter again.

The tweet whether random or not stated, “Yeaaaaa! Try everything n your handbook to save your ass FATBOY!!!!”

Myself and countless other media types reported and speculated on who Marcus indeed was talking about.

The Eagles happen to have a heavy coach, who needs to try to save his ass at this point.

Well Marcus is back and felt the need to let everyone know they should mind their business, and no he wasn’t talking about Reid.

@MVFive: “I never mentioned Coach,” Vick wrote. “U people find anything to pick at. Step off my tweets PLEASSSSE!!!! It’s not that serious. Everything don’t involve football.”

Wee jeez Marcus, we’re sorry for assuming that a week after blasting your brothers team, and o-line, that you might have called his overweight coach, who’s trying to save his job ‘fatboy.”

As I said yesterday, there wasn’t enough in the tweet to accurately predict who he was talking about.

That means we all overreacted, or Marcus is getting better with discretion now.

Either way, it’s a good story though.




Did Marcus Vick Take Twitter Shot At Andy Reid, Call Him Fat Boy?

Young Marcus Vick promised his brother Michael that he would chill with the irresponsible tweeting.

He apologized and stated it was all out of love.

Michael said, it wouldn’t happen again.

I guess when big brother Michael is so concussed, that he can’t sleep let alone drive, little brother will regress back to his irresponsible ways.

Young Marcus was up and at it again this morning, and may have taken a shot at embattled Eagles coach Andy Reid.

Now I am not in a position to confirm that Marcus was indeed talking about Andy Reid.

He could have been talking about any fat guy out there in the world.

He did not have to be referring to the heavy guy, with the red hair, who coaches his brother.

Was Marcus really talking about Andy Reid?

Marcus Vick Apologizes For Eagles Twitter Rant

Michael Vick has been under fire the past few weeks for the Eagles lack of wins and his inability to curb his turnover issue.

The last thing he needed was his own brother bringing unnecessary headlines his way, but that’s exactly what Marcus did.

As we reported Monday night and yesterday, Marcus Vick caught some flack for tweeting out his feelings about the Eagles offensive line, and expressing his desire to have the Eagles trade Michael.

Michael was asked about the comments and tweets, and expressed supreme disappointment in them.  He also vowed to address those comments with his younger brother.  

Well Michael obviously addressed the issue and Marcus rather quickly, because Marcus issued a heartfelt apology according to

That’s right Michael, quick and to the point.

No word on if he laid paws on young Marcus.