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You have to be a true student of the sweet science to remember Paul Spadafora, he is a bit of an Urban Legend.

The short version of the story is many years ago Spadafora was a sparring partner for a young Floyd Mayweather and famously got the better of the younger Floyd in a sparring session (see video below).

Floyd claimed he was out of shape and wasn’t taking the session as seriously as Spadafora.

For years that was the only thing Spadafora was known for, because even though he is 45-0-1 that record has been compiled by fighting competition softer than Chris Bosh.

He was also convicted of attempted murder on his pregnant girlfriend, but who cares about those minor details. has more of the story.

“I was approached about the fight. I spoke with Don [King] and a few other people [connected to Mayweather]. Paul is interested in the fight. He’s wanted this fight for a very long time. Paul is ready to finish what he started ten years ago. We’ll see what happens,” [promoter Michael] Acri told

Spadafora is 45-0-1 (19 KO), but is also 35 years old and hasn’t had a notable fight in years, or more precisely, since he got out of prison. Spadafora made most of his headlines after being accused in 2003 of shooting his pregnant girlfriend, then arrested again in 2004 for driving under the influence. A drug test later that year showed cocaine in his system, and in 2005 he was convicted of attempted murder for the 2003 shooting.

He returned to boxing in November 2006, and has gone 7-0 against marginal competition since then. He hasn’t been able to secure a major fight and hasn’t fought on TV.

Before we go any further, how is it that someone can be convicted of attempted murder in 2005, but back boxing in 2006?  Here is what police had to say what happened the night of the shooting.

On October 29, 2003, Spadafora was arrested and accused in the shooting of his pregnant girlfriend, Nadine Russo.

The story was that Spadafore and Russo were driving in Paul’s new H3 Hummer on the night of October the 26th. An argument broke out between the two over the paternity of Russo’s unborn child; it ended outside a local gas station where Spadafora allegedly shot Russo in the midsection. Spadafora was released after posting a $50,000 bond.

On February 23, 2005, Spadafora was sentenced to 21 to 60 months in prison for the attempted murder of Nadine Russo.

You want to know the real crazy part about that story?

Miss Russo stayed with him after the shooting.  I get the feeling if I was to shoot a pregnant woman, I would get more than 21 months in prison.

Going back to the boxing aspect of this, I have to believe this is a sham, because if you thought only a few people wanted to see Pacquiao vs. Mosley, I can guarantee you no one on Earth or Pandora want to see Mayweather fight Paul Spadafora.

This is Floyd Mayweather we are talking about, so never say never.

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