Giants Terrell Thomas Suffers Another ACL Injury

It’s crazy how injuries work and why they happen.

Some athletes work so hard yet have so many bad things happen to them.

Know one wants to hear about fate when they are that athlete. is reporting that New York Giants cornerback Terrell Thomas may have torn the same right ACL that sidelined him all of last season.

Thomas missed Monday’s practice to see a specialist in Manhattan.

“Terrell reinjured his ACL,” said Giants senior vice president of medical services Ronnie Barnes. “At this point, he will most likely undergo an arthroscopic procedure to determine the extent of the injury to the ACL. However, no decision has been made at this point. Terrell is going to consult with Dr. (Arthur) Ting, who performed an allograft reconstruction of the ACL in September (of 2011).”

Even after the injury the Giants blessed Thomas with a 4 year deal worth $28 million even tho a good portion of the deal is not guaranteed.

Here’s hoping its not that serious.

Chad Johnson Predicts Monster Season

The legendary Outkast has a track off their Aquemini CD that puts this post in perspective.

It’s The Return Of The G.

For a few seasons now people have been waiting for the real Chad Johnson to return.  For the real Chad Johnson to please stand up.

According to Chad Johnson, the G has returned.

In an article featured in the Miami Herald, Johnson predicts he will have a “Monster” season.

He predicts he will score and celebrate so much this season, that he will send commissioner Goodell a $100,000 check after the final preseason game.

Johnson also added a few more quotes.

“I’m going back to my normal ways.”

“My normal ways, when I was at my best, when I got fined, look at the production those years. Usually things don’t go right when you try to change the way you do things. I’m back to normal.

“My personality was controlled last year. You didn’t hear me at all last year. Zero. Zilch. When my mouth is running, it forces me to perform. It’s never been vindictive. I never got anybody in trouble.

“One of the things I like about being here, that’s so refreshing, and is such a weight off my back, is I can be me, whatever that entails. When I can be me, I am loose. Everything just flows for me. Whether it’s the style of play, the way I learn.”

The 34-year old Johnson who has settled down and got married feels he lost his edge.  He feels he got complacent.

I’m not really sure what kind of season he will have in Miami being the main target on a team with no established quarterback, and short on weapons besides himself and Reggie Bush.

I am mildly pleased that the G has returned.

Cris Carter Calls Calvin Johnson The Most Dangerous Weapon In Football

It seems Chris Carter has had a change of heart.

Carter  essentially dissed  All Pro wide receiver Calvin Johnson last season after leaving  Megatron off his list of elite receivers.

Well after a monster season by Johnson and a huge new contract, Carter has basically admitted he made a mistake. reported today that Carter was asked on ESPN’s NFL Live to name the top duo or combination in the  NFL.

Without hesitation Carter named the Detroit Lion’s Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson.

Carter even went further and elaborated on his comments.

“When you have a young quarterback, under the age of 25, coming off a 5,000-yard season, and you have the most dangerous weapon in the National Football League in Calvin Johnson, that’s why, this duo, to me, is the absolute best,” Carter said. “Franchise quarterback with the No. 1 big-play wide receiver in the NFL.”

Carter took alot of heat for comments regarding Johnson.

His comments were a bit understandable because for all of Johnson talent and numbers, they just recently just started to equate to wins and praise for the formerly lowly Detroit Lions.

We’ll see how Megatron responds with a new deal and a boat load of pressure on him.

Cowboys Claiborne Will Be In Camp

I can appreciate the optimism and flat-out desire to be apart of the organization that drafted him.

Dallas Cowboys first round draft pick Morris Claiborne vows to not be a hold-out and participate in training camp with or without a deal. via The Shreveport Times is reporting that Claiborne is hell-bent on being a Cowboys and is “patiently waiting.”

Claiborne also stated after the patiently waiting comment, “You hear a lot of talk about people saying I’m holding out.  No, I’m not holding out.  I’m going to camp signed or not signed.  It don’t matter.”

Gotta love his exuberance to want to get in and compete.

We all know from a business standpoint the Cowboys can sense he is impatient and now know he will sign sooner than later.

In previous season Claibornes insistence on getting a deal done could have led to a low ball offer from Dallas.

With the new Collective Bargaining Agreement in place Claibornes salary is already slotted so it’s now just a wait and see game.

Broncos Elvis Dumervil Arrested For Aggravated Assault With Gun

People in the media love to speak about that dead period in July that gives NFL players too much free time right before the start of training camp.

The NFL brain freeze has struck again. via CBS4 in Denver is reporting that Broncos star defensive end Elvis Dumervil was arrested in Miami Saturday night on aggravated assault with a fire arm.

His bond was set at $7,500.

Police have yet to release any information.

The Broncos released a brief statement.

“Our organization is aware of the matter and is continuing to gather the facts. This is a very serious allegation, and we will thoroughly review the details while the legal process runs its course.”

Mr. Dumervil have you met Commissioner Goodell!

Patriots Want Gronkowski To Tone It Down

Well I figured at some point the “Patriot Way” would take precedent over the “kid” getting all the special treatment. is reporting that the New England Patriots have asked gronk to tone it down some as training camp approaches.

Gronkowski has a had a fun-filled year for a myriad of different reason.

There was the photo-op with a porn star, the Gronk dancing craze directly after their super bowl loss to the Giants, and who can forget the scantily clad pool party he hosted.  

Point is fresh off of signing the most lucrative contract in NFL history for a tight end The Patriots or more notably head coach Bill Belichick would like Gronkowski to focus on what made him the star he is, and that is being the best tight end in the NFL.

The summer of Gronkowski is officially over.

Well at least for this summer.

Jermaine Gresham Rewards Homeless Man For A Good Deed

In a time when athletes and most notably NFL players are being arrested for any and everything, it’s always nice to find an athlete who can take a moment to look outside of themselves and do something nice.

Cincinnati Bengals tight end Jermaine Gresham was in California over the weekend on business and must have forgotten to put some extra change in the parking meter.

With all that’s going on big shout to Gresham for being aware of his blessings and making that homeless guys week or month maybe.