Accused Wife Beater Andruw Jones Wants Custody Of Kid

Nicole jones files for a divorce from andruw jones

Just a few months removed from a memorable Christmas, Andruw and Nicole Jones are making headlines once again.

After an unpleasant event on Christmas Eve, resulting in Andruw dragging his wife down the stairs by her ankles after she tried to get away from him and threatening to kill her, according to reports Nicole Jones has filed for a divorce.

In the documents obtain by TMZ, Nicole asked for primary custody of their nine-year old son, as well as for the courts to voided their prenup.

However Andruw isn’t ready to give up hope despite the pending charges of domestic violence. He has already responded to the divorce documents, claiming he is a better parent and should receive primary custody. In addition to being the primary parent, he doesn’t believe he should have to pay anything for child support.

While the outcome of this case is unclear, this seems to be the recipe for a long, drawn-out, bitter divorce proceeding. The couple was married for 10 years and only has one son as a result of their married. A judge has yet to rule on this case.

Andruw Jones’ Wife Files For Divorce After He Allegedly Dragged Her Down a Flight of Stairs

andruw jones mugshot

On Christmas Eve, Andruw and his wife Nicole Jones got into an argument after a Christmas party. According to the police report Andruw dragged his wife down the stairs by her ankles after she tried to get away from him, grabbed her neck, and threatening to kill her.

Nicole says he got violent after she asked him to put together a computer desk. Jones was arrested on domestic violence chages and now his wife is filing for divorce according to NBC Sports.

Jones just signed a contract to play in Japan for $3.5 million dollars and the team says they will honor that deal.